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Hello to all of you game lovers, I haven't been with you guys for a while due to my internet problems and it's really frustrating. Soon I'm thinking of making a post about what you can do if you don't have internet XD. Maybe I can share it tomorrow. I can't play TFT at the moment, but I will share with you a composition I played recently and I think it is very strong against the meta.


You can watch the game without commentary here:

When I started the game I didn't know what I was going to play and I could have easily taken the dice here and played a Yuumi composition, but I have to say that I didn't like this composition since the beginning of the game. So I thought to try something different to fight this composition. The Spellslinger crown was exactly what I was looking for. Spellslingers can beat this stupid composition. Also, my items are very appropriate for it.

Then I thought, why not shoot them with their own weapon? You want Yuumi? Take it! My goal was to make Yuumi a Spellslinger until I found a better carrier. Because the items are suitable and the stats are suitable. It allows me to activate both the heart and the star guardian buff.

The 2nd augment choice was a bit difficult for me because all my options were good. But I chose Axiom Arc II because I thought my champions will kill the opponents with a single ability. This augment allows your champions to gain 30 mana when they kill someone.

I'm down to 66 health. I was not doing well, but I still believed that the composition was strong. In the current state of the game, everyone has very strong compositions in the early game. So you have to make some early calls and get stronger. At level 6 I spent a little bit of gold and got Sona 2 stars, Lux 2 stars and luckily Annie 2 stars spontaneously.

At level 6 I stayed and kept searching because in the current state of the game, the stronger your tanks are, the stronger you are. So most of the damage dealing champions can do a certain amount of damage but 2 star tanks are not good enough. So I made Rell 3 stars and found 6 Annies. The last augment choice was quite easy for me. I will get a Taliyah and the 3 teammates with the highest health at the start of the skirmish will get a shield equal to 60% of their maximum health. So that means my tanks will be more tanky. Who wouldn't want that?

Then I continued searching at level 6 for some reason I don't know why. I think it was a big mistake and I should have gone up to level 7 and searched there. But that didn't change much and luckily I managed to make Taliyah 2 stars. I also made Annie 3 stars and managed to find 8 Yuumi. Normally, I should have found another champion instead of Yuumi and removed her from this composition, but I gave up when I saw that she was very good at damage. I shot those who played Yuumi composition with their own guns haha!

Look at this damage. Honestly, I don't think any other champion can deal this much damage. 2 star Yuumi deals more damage than 2 star Taliyah. This is something that shouldn't normally happen and shows how broken Yuumi is. On top of that, both champions have 3 items. These are the items you should use if you make a composition like this. Morellonomicon for Taliyah only instead of the Hextech Gunblade.

I leveled up and put Janna and activated the 6 Spellslinger buff. My Spellslinger champions were gaining 100 ability power and starting the game with extra mana thanks to Janna. Somehow I lost despite that, I guess it didn't make sense to keep champions all together.

I followed the plan and defeated my opponent very heavily, so it seems like it was the right decision. The others were already dead and all I had to do was to do what I had just done one more time.

Of course I did it, I defeated her once more and finished the game in first place. Taliyah did the most damage in the last battle. A little tip, you have to place Taliyah so that she can ult the enemy carrier. So you should usually place her diagonally.

Here is a leaderboard proving my first place:

I also want to say something about the composition, it's not a composition you can play every game, because I made many champions 3 stars and still barely beat my opponent, so I wouldn't say it's overpowered. But when I made Yuumi a Spellslinger, I realized that it's very powerful. 100 extra ability power works very well, huh? Still, don't choose this composition if you want to reach higher ranks. You can play safer things.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. What compositions do you guys usually play? I see a lot of TFT writers in the community these days and that makes me happy. Maybe 8 of us can play a game together. I am waiting for your thoughts on this idea. Take care and have a great day!

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