Worst CS: GO Game of My Life!

Hello to all of you, I am with you with a game that you have not seen before on my channel but is actually very popular in the community. As you can already see in the title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I used to play this game years ago, about 5 years ago. But I haven't played it for a very, very long time because I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to and my friends I used to play with didn't talk to me anymore. But this year my friends from the Hive Gaming community offered to play together and I tried it. We didn't have a very good game because of my ping, so I had a bad game and I decided to play a game on my own and record it.


You can watch the video here. A video with commentary and suffering 😂

I was shot in the first second of the video and I think it was a message to me. My opponents were playing really well.

What I experienced in the first round was much more than that. We were on the defending side and my opponent came jumping through the smoke and killed me with one bullet. These guys are supposed to be silver, the lowest rank.

In the 3rd round I played tactically and managed to kill two people, but in this round one of the opponents came and killed me. And if you watch the video, you can hear the sound of the bullet in my head before I die. WTF! He insta headshot me!

We lost round 6 and I got shot again, this time because of my incompetence. I fired a clip of bullets at my opponent but I didn't manage to kill him.

We lost round 8 miserably and this is where things started to get a bit weird. You may ask if there were no problems so far, yes there were, but I didn't feel this bad. Losing 8 rounds in a row feels terrible. In a word, it sucks!

They decided to kick me out during the game. Yes, the previous round I didn't see a player and didn't shoot him, I admit it's my fault, but I'm one of the best players on the team, man, I don't deserve this.

In round 12, a miracle happened and we won the round. It was shocking for me because I had accepted the crushing defeat. Guess who was the MVP? Me, of course! I hope you're ashamed for starting the vote to kick me out. Although it would have been better if I was kicked out...

Please turn to the 25th minute of the video and watch it. Dude, are you a pro player? What kind of shot is that? Why are you up against me in the silver elo? I'm really freaking out about these shots.

In the last rounds, I died to my opponents' unbelievably good kicks. I could swear they weren't silver players, but I can't prove it. They destroyed us and we lost the game 16-1. It was my worst defeat in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I don't know how it could get any worse...

The only good thing about the game was the 1 dollar case I won at the end of the game. Thanks Valve, really.

I hope you had fun reading it, or at least laughed. Because I laughed a lot when I watched my own video. My reactions are so funny 🤣. I wish you all a great day and take care!

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