We Survived! Frostpunk #6 (Last Episode)

Well, I'm really looking forward to finishing the series of Frostpunk and this last episode is going to be incredible. Very cold weather is coming and let's see if we can survive. You can click here to read the previous chapter.

For those of you who don't want to read long, let's make a short summary of the previous chapter. Several waves of refugees arrived in our colony and we welcomed the healthy ones. We learned that the reason for this migration is the freezing winter and now we need to prepare for it.

First, let's focus on our goals. We have 4 main tasks. The first one is to recall all scout and outpost teams back to our colony. This will be one of the last things I will do because for now we need resources from there. The second is to rescue the disaster victims, of which I have already rescued 2 and rejected one. I would have accepted the other one if I knew it was going to happen. Anyway, there is nothing we can do. The third is to research the generator power upgrade III. The fourth and last is to stockpile at least one week's worth of food rations for each citizen, which is exactly 2742 food rations. I'm not sure if my warehouse has half that much space right now. So we have a lot to do. We also need to store coal, even if it's not written here, because we won't be able to mine coal in those days. Maybe the automaton can, but it won't be enough for us because the generator will be running at full power.

So I immediately activated the crisis shifts to use all the workers actively, I built a lot of new hunting huts, and I was incredibly excited about all this, because even the music of the game has become very serious now, and I've adapted to it. And then I saw this news, and it makes me happy. Because we really have to work and it's great that people are working in good spirits instead of rebelling!

There is always bad news along with the good news. One of the cooks was stealing food to protect his family. Dude, I'm trying to protect your family and the whole colony. I could have sent guards to check on him, but this news made me so angry that I fired him. So he left the city. I didn't want it to be this way, but there's no room for mistakes in the final stretch.

Fuck! You see the sign above on day 36, right? That means it's freezing cold! When I saw that, I panicked and sent as many people as I could to work. You can see hunter's huts everywhere. I have 3 days left for a lot of 2742 food rations. I'm sure we can make it, but I'm still scared. I've also stored a lot of coal. I'm having my scouts do the final reconnaissance. I hope I can manage to complete everything in time.

As you can see, most places on the map are frozen and cannot be traveled to. Fortunately, I have already explored all of them and acquired some technology. Now it's time to go back home and call back all the scouts and our border outposts. I have already recalled all of them except this scout team.

At the end of the 34th day, which is more than a day away, I managed to complete all the missions. The only one that seems to be missing is the mission to rescue the disaster victims in the Snow Hollows, which I have no chance of completing since I rejected it before these missions were released. I'm sorry I couldn't save the people there, but I did the best I could in this cold.

And the day has come! The storm started. I sent all the people home and from that moment on, no work. We will see how long all the food and everything else we have stored will last. It's -90 degrees today. I hope we can survive.

Look at this. Anywhere the heat from the generator doesn't touch is freezing. And that heat is supplemented by the steam centers. I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have that.

On Day 37 it's -100 degrees and there are very few places that are habitable right now. The houses are cool, which poses a risk of disease, but there is only one way I can heat the city more, and instead of using it now, I will wait for tomorrow's cold.

It's -110 degrees and I've turned on the generator's overload mode, which raises the temperature by 20 degrees everywhere the generator acts but puts pressure on the generator. If I'm not careful and the level you see now at 12% becomes 100%, the generator will explode and we will all die.

On Day 39 it was -120 degrees and an engineer wanted to see me. He did a calculation with the new data and said that the storm will be over in a few days but after the storm the temperature will drop drastically and nothing will protect us from the cold. This is terrible news.

Wow, now that's good news! I am sure there are many Hivers waiting to hear this. @queenstarr and @youyowi asked if there was any news on this. Well, they're back!

The whole city has stopped working. Only medical facilities are working. That's the way it was, man. I sent you all home. You don't have to come and tell me like it's something new.

On the night of the 41st day, the temperature dropped to -150 degrees! Oh, my God, I've never seen or heard of anything like that in my life. It sucks. And I can't turn on the overload mode because the voltage is already too high. Hang in there, my folks, the sun will come out in just a few hours!

We made it! We made it through the storm without anyone dying! The message says that an eerie silence has fallen over the city. I hope nothing bad is happening.

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! No bad news! On the contrary, temperatures dropped to -30 degrees Celsius, which is like summer with our current technology! Our efforts paid off. God, it was incredible.

At the end we saw a cinematic showing the development of our city and it was talking about some of the decisions we made in our city. There was a scene like this at the end of the cinematic. "The city was saved, but was it worth it?" What does that mean, man? Of course it was. OK we sacrificed some things, OK we didn't save all the people, but it was worth it. If I play the game again now, of course I would play it better, but I'm still happy with the things I did and the decisions I made.

And that's it guys... The series is over. Thank you very much for following and joining me. This is my first completed series on Hive. I tried to do a This War of Mine series before, but it was unfinished. I plan to play one of the additional packs of Frostpunk in the coming days, maybe a week later. I asked you to write your names under my posts and everyone who wrote their name will be in that section. I might add a few friends myself. I'll do my best to keep you alive, have a great day and watch out for the cold!

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