Vel'Koz Carry For Acid! TFT - League of Legends

Hello all my friends, today I am here with an interesting video. I recorded this video for one purpose only. To honor @acidyo's favorite champion. Yes, his favorite champion is Vel'Koz. The new set in TFT is coming soon and I wanted to try something like this before the set ends. This is a surprise for you, I hope you like it.


You can watch the gameplay video with commentary here:

The universe of this game is the Summit, I think this is the first time I'm sharing it with you. From stage 3 you get a small champion duplicator and from stage 5 you get a champion duplicator. This might be the best universe to make Vel'Koz 3 stars.

I chose Social Distancing as the first augment. Units without an adjacent teammate at the start of combat will gain 12% Attack Power and Ability Power. A simple but effective augment. No need to look for adventure as I know what to play.

Even though I lost the last two battles, I had a great early game because even 1-star Swain is overpowered. He both tanks and deals damage and saves a lot of time. Meanwhile, any carrier can kill the opponent's frontline.

I've mentioned this augment before, it's like a free win. The Frequent Filler augment reduces the cost of replenishing your shop to 1 gold after you've replenished it 8 times. This is a great way to make your champions 3 stars. Everything is going according to plan. Moreover, I managed to find an early Vel'Koz.

Again, I had a good mid-game despite losing the last two fights. Could this be my destiny? The reason I lost is that all my champions are 1 star. You can see from the damage table on the right side that only Malzahar is two stars. I don't mind losing because my composition is slowly forming.

I already told you about Long Distance Pals, one of the best fighting augments in this game. The two units that are the furthest apart at the start of combat form a bond, sharing 25% of their armor, magic resistance, attack power and ability power attributes. In this case, my carrier Vel'Koz will be even stronger. As far as I'm concerned, I did everything I needed to make the composition work XD

As I explained in the video, I reached level 7 and started slowly searching for Vel'Koz to make him 3 stars. It wasn't too hard because I had two small champion replicators. After I found 7 Vel'Koz, I used them and made them 3 stars. Vel'Koz's best items are Spear of Shojin, Jeweled Gauntlet and Giant Slayer. I couldn't make Shojin so I made Blue Buff and that works pretty well. Prefer Shojin if you can.

Even if I lose this round, as you can see, Vel'Koz destroys opponents with its laser beams. It did all the damage of the team by itself. Just wait for level 8 and complete the composition. I am sure it will be very powerful.

I reached level 8 and this is the final version of my composition. 4 Multicaster, 4 Mages, 3 Strategist and 3 Demacia! This composition is very satisfying in appearance, but I can't say that it is very powerful. So you can easily lose the game, especially if your front lines are not strong. Be careful!

One thing that surprised me is that this composition is very strong against the Noxus composition because I thought I would definitely lose against it. But Vel'Koz easily killed the opposing carrier Katarina and won me the round.

Let me tell you how important tanks is in this composition. Instead of giving Thief's Gloves to a 3 star Teemo with 4 Multicaster buff active, I gave it to 2 star Taric because I need him not to die. Any of my champions can deal damage, but if my frontline dies, they die too.

By the way, this universe is good for me to make Vel'Koz 3 stars, but my opponents can easily make their 5 gold carries 2 stars. Probably this is how my opponent made Ahri 2-stars and I could barely beat him. My win is never guaranteed.

To be honest I didn't expect Vel'Koz to do this much damage, he's really stronger than I expected. My goal was to finish this game in top 4 and I'm already in top 3 and beating 1st. It's a big sign that I can win even though everything is still in progress.

I also managed to make Lux 3 stars before the end of the game. My opponent Ahri was called 3 stars but he was far from it. Blocking me would have been a much more logical move because I was barely beating him. What's even stranger is that Vel'Koz did more damage than Lux 3 stars. I know he has 4 multicaster buffs active, but still, that's Lux 3 stars, man, I didn't expect that. I won this fight and finished 1st in the game!

This game was really fun for me, I'm not going to share a special section as I've told everything about the composition in the post. Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. In the new set I might try some carriers for my followers who read my posts. It might be different and fun. Take care and have a great day!

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