Albion Online - Yeah Me Too!

As you know, Albion Online is the new trend in our community right now. If you have read my articles before, you have seen that I have never written about MMORPG games. Because I don't play them, and the reason why I don't play them is that these games take over you. Right now on the Hive Gaming Discord server, everyone is playing this game for hours. I'm sure there are some of them who play 12 hours a day or even more. This means that you seriously have no life. Long story short, @perceval poisoned me and made me start this game. I will give you my thoughts about the game.

We start the game with a short tutorial. If you have played MMORPGs before, you can get through it very quickly. For me it took a bit longer. I chopped trees, broke stones, collected some mines and started doing quests. I got stuck in one quest for a long time, luckily @perceval was with me on discord at that time. I told him I couldn't do this quest and he said go and buy it from the market. Hahaha, it's that simple. He then gave me a pretty good amount of money. 200000 silver (correct me if I remember wrong dude). That made things a bit easier for me.

In the game there are cities and in the cities there are certain buildings. For example this is a blacksmith. Here you can strengthen your items. This is a feature that is the same in all games.

This is a market. You buy your items here. There is a wide variety of items in the game. This is because each class has its own items. What are the classes? We'd better get into that in the next chapter because I don't know all of them either.

And this is a bank. This is where you can store your items in the game. There are a couple of reasons for this. In some areas of the game, your opponents can attack you. I don't want to give false information so I'll talk about it in detail in the next chapter, but in some places the opponent can't attack you, in some places they can attack and kill you but they can't take your stuff, and in some places they can attack and kill you and take all your stuff. Well, this is actually a big problem. You have to be very careful. Imagine you have a lot of stuff and you can get ambushed somewhere and lose all your stuff. Wouldn't that suck? That's why we put our stuff in the bank.

This is what your bank looks like if you don't have any stuff in your bank hahaha. All you have to do is shitf+left click to transfer the items to your bank.

Do you know who this is? This is @perceval my man, look at this giant bull he's riding. I got a little donkey. There's a lot of cool mounts in the game and I guess with time or money you can get them all. Next time I'll get myself a cool one if I can. Some people ride mammoths or elephants!

The game has an incredible audience. There are more players than you can imagine. Check it out! When I first started the game, I had a hard time finding perceval because I couldn't use the map properly. He spent half the game saying. "Hey man follow me, Hey I'm here". It was very funny hahaha. I kept trying to go somewhere after him.

Look how crowded it was. Incublus and Perceval on adventures!

I made my first dungeon with Perceval. He asked me if I wanted to be on their team because they didn't have any mages. Of course I would be a mage! We bought my items. Each item has its own unique skills and I tested them for the first time. It was very hard at first because, as I said, I didn't know how to use my skills. For some skills you have to hold down the button. If you stop it, it interrupts. I almost died a couple of times, I even died once. Luckily perceval was with me and there was no problem.

By the way, all these things you do earn you a point and level up your items. I'm not sure about these, but I'll let you know as I find out. Now let's go to the boss!

When we first saw this, @perceval was shocked. This is the highest level boss in the game, this is legendary. There are epic, rare bosses in the game and this is the highest level. He said "No way, no way" 3-4 times and made me surprised too. My first boss was a legendary boss! He told me that @franzzonline has been playing this game for a long time but never seen a legendary boss. Today is my lucky day!

We killed the boss and got some cool stuff. Some of them are too high level for me to use hahaha. When @perceval saw these items he said they were awesome. When @franzzonline saw them he said I was the luckiest person in the world hahaha. Honestly I don't know how good or valuable these items are but according to everyone they are very valuable. I couldn't have gotten anything better to start with.

I did exactly as I told you and put all my stuff in the bank where it will be safely waiting for me to get back in the game.

And here I am exiting the game. It counts down like this when I exit and I like that. That's my Albion Online adventure for today. I think it's a good game and definitely worth playing. I don't know what to do on my own yet and I'll learn it all little by little.

I would like to thank @perceval and many members of the community for introducing this game to me. I like the game and I plan to share at least a few more episodes. Do you play Albion Online? What do you think about the game? Would you consider teaching me 😂? You can answer my questions in the comments or share your thoughts about my post. Have a great day!

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