About incublus.hivegc(Tipping in Hive Gaming Community)

Hello all of you Hive Gaming members, I'm @incublus, I created this account about 15 days ago because we started a new application thanks to OCD. Today I want to tell you about it. I'm not going to beat around the bush and I'll talk directly about the purpose of the account.

The purpose of this account is to reward active and helpful members of the Hive Gaming community. I'll talk a little bit about what I reward and how I reward them.

We all love nice comments on our posts, don't we? I'm not talking about "great post", I'm talking about long and detailed comments that make you feel that your post was actually read and understood. Since Hive is a social platform, comments are very valuable to us. In order to increase the amount of quality comments, I have been sending tips to the quality comments I see in the Hive Gaming community for about 1 week. You can see all of these comments from my wallet. @stk-g/re-shipsaster-rmt4u3 Here is one of those comments.

Also, sometimes what you share on Hive can be overlooked and not included in the curation. Or sometimes there are posts that I realize don't get the value they deserve. Some short posts and things like that. In such cases, I will continue to support you with tips. @spardaryodan/trying-to-escape-from-raccoon-city-or-resident-evil-3-nemesis-gameplay-episode-2-eng-esp Here is one of the last posts I sent a tip for.

So from now on none of your quality activities on Hive Gaming will go unrewarded! I will follow as closely as I can and check all activity in the community once or twice a day.

There is one more thing you should know. The tips sent from this account are all provided by the rewards sent by OCD, but the votes I send from this account are entirely my personal votes. So they have nothing to do with OCD. They are completely at my discretion. So what I'm saying is that just because you vote from this account doesn't mean that you will be voted by OCD or that you will be tipped by this account. I don't want there to be any misunderstanding like that, so I wanted to make that clear.

Thank you for reading, I hope I have enlightened you about this account. You can ask anything you are curious about. Have a great day!

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