Rainbow Six Extraction Will be a FLOP

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A Gloomy Future

Earlier today I was watching a video from a known small game tester that gives his own insight on upcoming games from small indie developers. This video was about the crisis that is attacking the new game being developed and set to be released by Ubisoft. You can watch the video here. In BigFry's video, some new gameplay and information is revealed about Rainbow Six Extraction and it is not looking good at all.


The Assets

This was shown off quite a while ago, but we need to talk about the assets in the game and its lack of improvements since the original gameplay reveal. If you are familiar with the popular game Rainbow Six Siege, then you will see exactly what is being called out. The assets are completely flipped and re-used into this game, it straight up looks like this new 2021 release is coming straight from 2014.

As called out by BigFry, this is blatant laziness from the developers and causes problems when it comes to pricing as the Triple-A price is a obvious pan-handle for money.



Some examples include but are not limited to the guns, characters, and some of the scenes. Surprising to hear that this game has been in development since at least 2018 with a teaser event in the original R6S game.

Pricing Complications

As hinted to before, the pricing is another issue that must be covered. We found out more information on pricing and how it is turning out so far. Early in the development, this game was going to be sold for $40(USD) and bolster the simple event-type release being more of an online co-op arcade game. However, over the time this goal was changed to be a Triple-A release and release with a solo campaign and a whole flesh-out of the game. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit and realism set in causing the team to drop certain features and ideas but what didn't change was the ridiculous price they are asking now being 70$(USD)

Micro Transactions

Another problem discussed is the lack of taking suggestions given by development testers. After many many attempts to discuss the lackluster game, they gave up and decided to go to BigFry and reveal unknown information.

Watch the video, explanation and information is provided way better than I can in a post

Continuing on, even through all of this, somehow the team has the roadmap of operators to be released, the skins made, and pricing of everything to the T. (Spoiler: it's all pre-made from the R6S game, no enginuity)

ā†‘ Pictures Taken From Video ā†‘

Even before BigFry said that, I was thinking the same thing and I'm sure you all might be too. This game is destined to be a flop, it is only being produced to be a money grab from the community and the longevity of the game is not even considered. How can a team decide to publish a game that is knowingly not done / cutting huge features from issues that time can fix? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a game developer and probably won't ever be, but I can't even imagine fleshing out every single money grab and push for money before even making a good game. Ubisoft, you are a Triple-A developer, get your s#$t together.

My Opinion Piece

This hurts immensely as I have spent soo much of my gaming career on Rainbow Six Siege, I played at release, I saw it get updated into greatness. Over the last couple year releases, R6S has had the same misfortune as Extraction will soon. The game isn't about fun and being tactical anymore, it is about shilling as much money they can out of season passes and skins and over-priced bundles.

What happened Ubisoft?

I played the event released in 2018, there was soo much potential to make it as unique as CoD Ghost's extinction but even better. You proved me wrong. I hope you do the right thing and get your head in the game, put forth the effort to make a great game like EA and BF 2042, don't beg for money, money will come with great games.

There is still time for a delay of release, but that won't happen and the bit of time before release isn't enough to fix the array of problems many see.

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