A FREE game that is surprisingly amazing. . . GhostRunner

Perusing As I Do

Nowadays on the internet, there are soo many different sites that offer promotions and free products if you are willing to look around for them. Some of these places include Epic Games, and Twitch prime rewards. Three days ago, I stumbled upon Ghostrunner while looking through twitch rewards, a game that looks amazing off the thumbnail but that's all I basically knew.

Of course as any sane person would, I claimed that sucker so that even if I don't ever play it, I've got it in my library.

This game deserves more attention . . . this game is soo SATISFYING!


What Is Ghost Runner?

Ghost runner is a fast paced single-player game that tests your skills against enemies and parkour-like levels while learning more about the story as you progress.

As you progress in the game, levels become more and more difficult but new skills and gear is unlocked to mix up the way you tackle levels and parts.

Oh and did I mention, you have one life and checkpoints are sometimes far and few between? Yeahhhhh that is where this game is tons of fun and satisfaction just draws you to play more.

I am not a "self-hate" player where the whole point of playing is to endure much pain but be few to finish the game, but this game keeps drawing me back as soon as I close it down. Something about running across walls dodging bullets just to slice some baddies really appeals to my satisfaction. . .

A Cool Reward

As I was playing, I received an email from GOG that gave me some gifts for playing and allowed me to learn more from one of the main creators of the game. Within that, I received two Katana skins and some wallpapers for my PC.


↑ Okay That Wallpaper Is Sick! ↑

The gift has a ton of wallpapers but I'll show this one as this post already has a ton of videos/pictures.

Deaths O'Many

Be prepared to mess up a ton and be spamming the respawn button the whole time you play. This game induces the stress that makes keeping your cool hard to do as you run around and each restart feels faster and faster.

Each level I am constantly in the 100+ deaths range, but the satisfaction of trying 30 times for that one amazing run that just makes you look like a master ninja is insane!

New enemies and obstacles make the game new and innovative to keep the challenge up the whole game until the end. Some of these enemies later in the game are difficult and running in with no plan will not work anymore. Currently, A robot that shoots waves covering 120° gets me every time I encounter it. →

Furthermore, I have reached one main boss part so far, it was one of the most difficultly confusing boss fights I have ever endured. It didn't end up too hard with the right plan but man your brain races with all of the obstacles you need to dodge all at once.

As I played, I was running Nvidia replay so that I could get some good shots of the game. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to pull left/right with the videos so I will leave them down here for you to watch if you'd like. 30 seconds to 1 minute each. In addition, Dtube was giving me troubles not allowing me to add a thumbnail so I had to go to YouTube.

Do Not Miss Out On This

I know this may not be your game, and you could end up hating it like you originally thought, but at least claim this game and give it a try. Ghostrunner blew my mind in graphics and the movement mechanics for being a free game. I have spent a quarter shy of six hours in this game and I do not regret it at all, I feel as though Ghostrunner could be a good trainer for FPS as well a good entry game into speedrunning, as the whole point is finish the levels as fast and as flawless as possible - counting your time and deaths at end of each level.

Check it out here with Amazon Prime free until November 1st

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