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RE: Hive Games are kinda boring

Hive does not have turing complete contracts, that is what we are doing wrong. Hive-Engine is not developer friendly and the smart contracts are extremely limited, and that was our best attempt at bringing smart contracts, this is another thing we are doing wrong.

Hive has only one function: store JSON formated data/text, and because of that there is no standard for apps to talk to each other, unlike Ethereum or any smart contract platform. There is no way to validate if the data someone posted is valid unless you have access to the centralized servers of the app that uses and validates this data. Developing for Hive is a nightmare.

Most of the apps running here are centralized because the logic runs on their servers. You want to interact with a “smart contract” you post text into this blockchain and the state of the game updates on their servers, on Ethereum if you “post text” that is invalid according to the smart contract logic it is discarded and you can verify in any node on the network, here you can’t verify if the JSON someone posted is valid for a certain app, you need to use the app API because the apps here are not decentralized.

Hive was not made to run logic, only to store data, and that makes it hard to turn it into a smart platform, and because it is not a smart platform it is hard to develop on it, and because it is hard to develop the games are boring

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