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I wrote about spirit hoarder🗾 days ago👉👉👉 click here to read about the battles. It was a good monster to use with some rules and monster in splinterlads.
After I wrote about the battle, I promised to use🗾 spirit hoarder in another position to test its effectiveness; and that was the reason I used spirit hoarder in a battle with rules of 🔥explosive weaponry, little league and supper sneak. This is just to affirm how Spirit hoard works in different rulesets and different positions.

Initially when the arrangement and the levels of his cards, it seemed impossible to be defeated by me because of the:
Summoner’s level- there is difference between my summoner and his summoner. His summoner was in level 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and the summoner I used was in level 3⭐⭐⭐. Therefore, his summoner was more powerful than mine. My opponent’s first monster was a legendary monster with two attacks- melee and magic.
He also had monsters with powerful abilities and melee.
But, with the help of spirit hoarder, I was able to win the battle.

Why do is say ‘🗾Spirit hoarder is a must?’
It is a legendary monster:
as a player, you know how powerful and useful legendary monsters and summoners are in splinterlands. They are very unique and powerful monsters that have percentages of giving you victory in battles. That is the reason I used Doctor Blight in battles; the monster has the ability to win the battle for me. Likewise, Spirit hoarder also helped me to win battles. That was the reason I loved to use the monster.

✔️Ability: monsters with triage ability in level 1 are very rear; the monsters I knew possessed triage ability got activated at level and above. Hence healing from the back is very good in some battle rulesets.

✔️Neutral: this kind of monster can be used with any summoner in splinterlands. In this battle i will share in this battle, i chose fire summoner and Spirit hoarder was available for selection; in the previous battle I talked about spirit hoarder, I chose life summoner and the monster was available for selection.


✔️Little League: Only monsters and summoners that 4 mana or less may be used in battles.❌❌ Monster above 4 mana can’t be used in this battle and that was the reason such monsters were not available for selection❌❌.

✔️Explosive Weaponry: All monsters have the blast ability.

✔️Super Sneak: All melee attacks have the sneak ability.

click here to watch the battle


🔥CERBERUS⭐⭐⭐⭐: The healing ability was very helpful in this battle. Cerberus continued to regain its health throughout the battle without getting afflicted by any monster.
The speed of Cerberus was another factor that made me choose the monster; it was the overall second monster that attacked in this battle due to higher speed.
Looking that my lineup, Cerberus was the monster with highest health, and that made the monster my first choice. There was no reason I would not use this monster because melee monsters could attack in any position. But the reason I placed Cerberus in the first position was because of the opponent’s first monster; my thought was that my opponent would use a very strong monster in the first position that could have power to damage my first monster if possible.

🔥ANTOID PLATOON⭐⭐⭐: Platoon was very cooled in second position. To reduce the damage by explosive weaponry rule, it was necessary to place Antoid Platoon in second position.
With this Antoid Platoon here, I made a big mistake; Antoid Platoon should have been the last monster because of its shield ability. If Antoid Platoon was the last monster, it wouldn’t have been easy for my opponent to destroy my monsters from behind.
At the end of the battle, Antoid Platoon was the second monster not eliminated in this battle.

🔥SERPENTINE SPY⭐⭐⭐: Speed is needed in this battle, and that was the reason I selected monsters with higher speed and Creepy Ooze to reduce opponent’s monsters. The Serpentine spy was able to attack twice before it was finally eliminated in the battle.

🔥CREEPY OOZE⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Since I knew that speed is part of this battle, creepy ooze was brough in to reduce the speed of opponent monsters.
My opponent was also very smart; he used a monster swiftness which made all his monsters get their speed back. Without Creepy Ooze in my lineup, he would have used swiftness to defeat me because most of his monsters would have attacked before my monsters.
Therefore, Creepy Ooze helped me to reduce the speed of all opponent monsters. When Creepy Ooze was eliminated, the speed of my opponent’s monsters increased.

🔥SPIRIT HOARDER⭐: Just as I said earlier, I have used spirit hoarder in different rulesets. To try another method, that was the reason I used it in this battle. The mistake I made was to use Spirit hoarder as adjacent to the last monster. I should have used monster with shield ability as the last monster, then Fire beetle as the adjacent and Spirit Hoarder should have been in the third position. It would have stayed longer than expected if my arrangement was like this. I forgot that there was a super sneak among the rules.
Spirit Hoarder was the first monster to get eliminated by explosive weaponry and reflection of pelacor conjurer.

🔥FIRE BEETLE⭐⭐⭐: I needed a monster that could snipe from the middle. Since fire beetle had snipe ability it was the favorite monster to use.
Well! ***Fire beetle ***sneaked instead of sniped; all is the same because I won the battle. I needed the snipe in the middle so that explosive weaponry could damage monsters from the front and back of the attacked monster.

The best battle I used Spirit Hoarder is when ‘target practice’ rule is given. The presence of spirit Hoarder made some monsters attack in this type of rule to recover certain numbers of health.
Tell me more about how you use Spirit Hoarder in battles❓

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