Opinion: Cyberpunk 2077 is a Good Game.


Yeah, I know, what an outrageous title!
Just kidding, for tons of people it's become quite clear that Cyberpunk's problem stemmed from a rocky launch - bugs, glitches, bugs and glitches.
That's not too out of the ordinary for a game coming out nowadays, but they aren't Cyberpunk - it had such a massive hype train and so much marketing put behind it that a lot of people were led to believe it was going to be the best thing ever. They promised a movie-like experience with infinite choices and this amazing world to explore.

But as soon as the game came out, it became quite clear that it needed more time in the oven. From terrible performance across all platforms, and even worse in the PS4 and Xbox One, which were still current gen at the time.

And so many glitches that it was impossible to ignore them, and for some, even game-breaking.

Not a good look now ain't it.

CDPR knew it needed more time in the oven, and that's exactly what it got.

The game's last patch was in February 15th this year, making it a better experience for everyone, but it's been slowly shaping up for this. Patch after patch I noticed improvement after improvement. It all started with the performance, which greatly increased in the machine I had back then - A mere Ryzen 3 2200G, paired with a GTX 1050Ti and only 8GBs of RAM.
In just a couple of months it became playable, or at least tolerable, at 1080p with more than 30FPS.

Back then I was running a... not-legit copy of the game, and one day I needed to format my SSD. That led to my losing my savefile, which made me abandon the game.
But I say it with no doubt in my mind, that wasn't the game's fault.

My now dead character. Turned to dust in the wind as my drive got zeroed out by gparted.

I've been following this game since before day 1, as the marketing looked interesting, but I wasn't exactly hyped about it as everyone else I knew was. And I guess that's wade made me more patient, that's what made me forgive CDPR. As much as the game was in a sorry state, it still had hope buried underneath the piles of garbled code and crash logs.
The story was still something incredible to experience, the graphics were great, even in my subpar system and it more than enough mechanics and things to do to keep me invested. I knew it wouldn't take much to fix this game.


Well, it sort of did. A lot of time and work was put into this thing. And while I blame CDPR and its investors for not giving the game more time, as the dev team clearly knew there were issues, I'm pretty sure they aren't idiots (they made The Witcher 3 after all), I don't blame the devs.
At the start it was already a good experience if you ignored the game part, but you can't do that. It's a goddamn game.
That has been fixed now, and while the game still isn't for everyone, no game is, it's at least playable now, it's a good experience for those who like this type of stuff, and I'm one of them.

Don't trust me?
Look at this.


And I 100% agree with this.
There are games with better stories, but not many that came out so recently. I only played it halfway through but the fun I had with it, how much I liked the characters and how enthralled I was had me certain that this was something special. This was the same feeling I had when I played Skyrim or Fallout New Vegas all those years ago.


And it's the reason I finally craved in.
People say "vote with your money", and while some would find it impossible to ever give money out to CDPR again (at least outside of GOG), I still feel like I'm not throwing my money away.
I'll finally get to finish something awesome, even if I'll have to play a good chunk of it again, and they got my money NOW, not back then.
CDPR knows they effed up, but they probably also now that they fixed some shit.

And this recent wave of positive reviews and good things being said about the game is probably a sign to them that it is a great game, and that things need polish.
Maybe this won't happen again, at least coming from them. Maybe I'm too optimistic. We'll see. The game was on sale anyway, it's currently half the price.


It's time to get into Night City again. I missed this place. Thanks for reading, and remember, you don't have to agree with me - if you think the game sucks and are adamant about it, then I respect that.


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