Gargoya Scrapper: A Stony Cannon Fodder

Garoyas ain’t no good in the world of Splinterlands. Gargoya Scrapper, the cheapest and weakest of them, has no other purpose than being used as a cheap cannon fodder. Pardon my French. It could protect your rear strikers or even block some Opportunity monsters, when used wisely. Or it could become a pawn, as you cannot actually call it a tank. That’s how I used it in this low-mana cap game. Supported by Loma Shine, Truthspeaker and Djinn Renova combo, it even survived the first round and killed one opponent, which is the most you can get of such card.



I expected facing Tarsa and his boosted bouncers tanked by one of the cards with Shield. That’s why I needed to use a magic striker. As Djinn Renova provides extra health to all the friendly monsters, it was an easy choice. I also wanted to get rid of whatever cards would be at the end of my opponent’s pack, hoping to eliminate it before it gets to Djinn Renova. Feral Spirit was also an easy one – besides of the summoner buff, +2 Armour and +1 HP, he is fast enough to avoid some of the slow Fire attacks. I did not see Djinn Apprentice coming but it was successfully eliminated before it could cause major harm.

So after all, I used three cannon fodders, more or less meaningless cards that were simply meant to hold the other side away for a while. This overly defensive strategy with a combination of Loma Shine, Truthspeaker and Djinn Renova buffs usually works against Fire summoners, who usually tend to physically dominate. However, Gargoya Scrapper is just one of the random cards, not the keen one.

My rating of Gargoya Scrapper

A cheap cannon fodder that could save your arse once in a while. Worth using in low to mid mana cap games when you have just one mana spare. If you like to play Life Splinters, you will most likely find it worth buying it considering the recent reward system changes.
Mana vs. Power ratio: ⭐⭐★ ★ ★
Low-mana cap games: ⭐⭐★ ★ ★
Mid-mana cap games ⭐★ ★ ★ ★
High-mana cap games: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Worth buying: ⭐⭐★ ★ ★

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