Retro Review - Samurai Pizza Cats

I have some memories about the anime on which the video game that I will talk about today was based, I was a very small child and I remember that it was shown on TV so maybe this was the first or at least one of the first anime I saw in my life and although there are very few memories I have about this series, I was quite curious to know that this series of my childhood had a video game, so I set out to play it and it turned out to be a very entertaining game. By the way, I tried to look for the chapters of this anime but I found very few (at least in my native language) and with the little I could find on the internet, despite having spent many years and being an anime logically focused on children, I found it quite entertaining and funny.

Today's Retro Review is about: Samurai Pizza Cats.

I don't remember exactly the story of this game, but the little I remember is about samurai cats with unique abilities that act as a kind of superheroes helping and fighting villains. This game is completely in Japanese, and although there is an English translation, the translation is not quite good, however being such a basic and intuitive game the story is something that passes to the background, as we will focus only on its gameplay.

Samurai Pizza Cats is a game that originally came out for the mythical NES, so we are not going to find an extremely detailed game and with an outstanding pixerlart work, however, I must say that its graphical appearance is more than decent, the characters look pretty good, with their respective details and character designs very consistent with their animated counterparts. Despite the fact that its graphic and pixelated aspect evokes a very old time, I don't consider it a game that has aged badly at all, in fact, I think that even today it is a game that looks pretty good and that could overcome the passage of time, this being a rather difficult aspect to achieve being such an old game.

The characters have large sprites, with good design and details, each playable character has a unique and characteristic design that makes them very well differentiated from each other, in addition, the design of several final bosses are very large, occupy a large space on the screen and look pretty good. Most of the scenarios present basic designs, without many details, but we can also find some much better made, with several decorative elements focused on ancient Japan, with its classic and typical elements characteristic of that time.

I think the worst aspect of the game, that is, it is not all bad and it is not a nonsense, but it is too basic and many of the melodies, although they are different, have similar tones, which at certain times have to be a bit monotonous and boring. But not all of them are like that and some are very decent and fit very well with the theme of the game and its environment. The music in this game is very retro, which is quite logical since it is a NES game.

Samurai Pizza Cats OST Playlist

Samurai Pizza Cats is another of those games of the platform genre quite conventional, classic and quite entertaining, and although its gameplay is quite basic and easy to learn has an element that makes it different from other games of the same genre and is that we will have different playable characters which we can change when we want because each of them have unique skills that will be very useful depending on the obstacle we have in front of us.

We will be able to choose between one of the three main characters and independently of the main character we choose we will always have at our disposal another group of characters that, as I said before, each one of them has a unique and useful ability depending on the situation, among the characters' abilities we have: flying, destroying rocks, swimming and even digging and going deep into the earth, and many other useful abilities that we will use throughout our adventure.

As a good game of the platform genre we must advance through the scenarios, defeating enemies and using our jumping skills and being very agile. We defeat the final enemy of each stage, which has different mechanics and ways to defeat them, but in general terms it is a game with a fairly low difficulty.

Samurai Pizza Cats is an excellent NES game, quite varied due to all the characters with unique abilities to use, which makes it a highly recommended game.

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