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Hello everyone✋

Work on the game is in progress, we hope that very soon you will be pleased to see new serious game updates, featuring the campaign and battles.

But at the same time we are busy with other things.
Currently, in addition to battles, we are working on optimization and music.
Recently we finished working on our website, which before, was, to put it mildly, not very high quality.

Visually, there are few changes, but they are quite cool:

  • replaced old screenshots with new ones.
  • rearranged the elements of the site a bit.
  • added a link to the Ukrainian Army Support website
  • changed the animation of clicking on the "Play" button
  • added background music to the site
  • added fish and bubbles floating in the depths of the ocean 🐟
  • significantly reduced the amount of memory needed for the site


Thank you for attention. All the best ✋

Write your questions in the comments, or to us in the telegram👇
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