Gaming: Investing: Sim price on the rise

Following the recent success of #Splinterlands Assets on the Hive Engine have been moving upwards steadily for a few days now.

As i am a huge fan, and also investor / player in the #DeFi , Blockchain citybuilder #dcity i have been verry pleased to see that the #SIM token is finally seeing green. And that is no little rise.

I belive The Game and it´s token still have LOADS of potential!!!

Far beyond the current upwards trend wich i dare not call a "spike" or "pump", since in my opinion the token is moving towards it´s real potential.


What i´m trying to get at, is if you are holding "speculative" capital.

Might as well put it in SIM.

I will be writing a Reveiw / Introduction to this my faviorite blockchain project at the moment. However That will have to be "in due time", since other projects have "priority" unfortunatly.

Have a great Week / Weekend.


Feel free to discuss the project and the tokens potential in the comments below, criticcal and positive comments will be "welcomed" with #BEER and #PIZZA tokens...

Happy Hive-ing!


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