😜 My 2021 Hive Highlight 🕯


There is a fun little challenge going around from @guiltyparties where you are to go over your main highlight that you achieved or accomplished or feel great about involving Hive this year. The specific details are:

1) Write a blog post about your one main 2021 Hive Highlight
2) Tag it with #hivehighlight
3) Link your post in the comments on his post

So I have to choose one! Just one. I've got several, but if I have to choose just one? It would probably have to be where I divulged to my audience what #play2earn is and how I have become a successful and happy #playtoearn gamer.

The Start

Back near the end of July, things started really looking up in a positive direction for both the price of HIVE and my Splinterlands collection. I have been involved with the NFT game since it started and decided that it was high time I made a little back on my investment.

It was mostly a shot in the dark, but I went ahead and listed one of my decks for a total of $176,000 USD in seven separate listings. Each of them represented a respective Splinter; Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon and Neutral.

I was shocked that within a week, all of them had sold and I even topped it off with a single card going for another $10,000 USD (all of which I was paid in the DEC equivalent value of). This just skyrocketed my drops for the SPS governance token and put me on a whole new level.

Cashing Out?

In total, I had put close to $10,000 dollars into the game already, so to snatch a bag worth $175k of profit? I was just juiced after that. I pulled out roughly $40,000 USD, powered up a few accounts to increase my curating efforts of the peoples I love here, and the rest? It's around here somewhere. I ended up paying off my truck (15k) and bought a vehicle for each of my two sons. I also bought another house and 10 acres of property to solidify a foothold around my parents house and give them more privacy.

What's that song? So ya. I bought some more dirt. All of this because of Hive. Believe it or not, I'm far from being done with this beautiful blockchain. I am building something I can hand off to my kiddos along with the precious metals, a few heirlooms and of course - the dirt. I feel Hive will be here well and long after I decide to leave this lifetime.

What about you? What is your #hivehighlight? Did you REMEMBER TO BE YOU? I always am, even when i cut myself on the teeth of the scotch tape dispenser and bleed all over the presents.

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