Valheim contest on our exclusive Hive server!!


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Let's get this started


One of the things that I wanted to do here on Hive when I set up our personal Valheim game server was to host some in-game contests to encourage server growth and reward those in the community that are playing with us. So the first contest I am going to host is a settlement building challenge.


We are in the process of creating a huge settlement for people to come together and spend time at here on our server. It is coming along quite nicely, but we could always use some extra hands in creating this epic Viking base where we can all recover after spending hours out in the wilderness exploring and raiding.


So what is the contest?

We would like to see how creative you can get with building your home or other improvements to our settlement. Spend time in the game, on the Hive server of course, and build up your plot of land in or near our settlement we have already started building.

To be eligible to compete in this contest, you must build on the Hive server. Any entries with buildings outside of our server will be ignored. We are trying to build a community server for this game and we would like everything to be done there.

The log in information for the server is:
Password: valheim

For some more indepth information on the server and how to connect to it if you aren't familiar with the system, check out the Server Announcement Post.

After you have built your home or made some cool additions to the settlement, create a post to the Hive Gaming Community and comment a link to it in this post's comment section.

If you create your structures near the existing settlement, it will be easy for us to verify that you did create it in the Hive server, but if you want to create your structures away from what we already have, make sure to contact myself, @rubencress or @castleberry to show us where on the server your stuff was made.

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My screenshot

The best structures and post made will win an extra 50 Hive from me on top of curation for the post. I will be going through each entry and I will be nominating the ones that have a decent level of effort put into them.


This is a chance to show off your building skills in this pretty epic game. We are hoping to create an awesome server where we can all go out adventuring together and have a great time.

I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. This should be a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to see what is being built.

All entries must be submitted prior to this post paying out. Once the post pays out, I will choose the winner.

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