dCrops Update: Quests, Booster Items and a rough roadmap for BETA edition

dCrops is a farming simulation game on Hive. It is a play-to-earn game where you can earn CROP tokens by playing the game. Read our announcement to learn more.
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After a brief announcement on Quests 2 months ago, they are finally here! In this first iteration of quests, they will be available to all players and everyone with a dCrops account will be able to access quests and rewards. This will change in upcoming seasons.

What are quests?


At the start of the season, players will be able to start a set of 10 tasks that they need to complete in order to earn rewards. After all of these tasks are completed, players will be able to claim a reward chest.

This reward chest will contain 10 reward items. There are plans to scale this number based on factors like player/skill levels(not implemented yet) and crop power.

Once set, quests will stay till the player resets that quest again in any upcoming season. Players can reset the quest even if they haven't completed or claimed their rewards yet.

Types of quests

Currently, there are only 3 actions that can be performed in the game - planting a seed, harvesting produce, and then selling the produce. When the quests are initialized, a set of tasks will be assigned randomly.


Plant Quest: A random seed from the current season will be selected and the player must plant a set number of this seed to complete this quest. This quest will be completed as soon as they plant the seed.


Harvest Quest: Similar to the plant quest, a random seed will be selected and players must harvest a certain number of crops of that type to complete this quest. The quantity produced by a crop as well as bonus chances will play a role in completing this quest.

For example, to complete the above quest, you only need to plant 2 garlic because each garlic seed produces 2 crops. Furthermore, if you plant one garlic on a Hi-Tec Land and if the land bonus is triggered, your quest will be completed with just one seed.


Sell Quest: Sell quest requires the player to sell a number of a certain quality of crops as shown in the above picture. Unlike planting and harvesting quests, the selected crop will not be limited to the current season.

Rerolling Quests


In case a player doesn't want to complete a certain quest, they can choose to re-roll that quest after which all progress on that certain quest will be lost and a new random quest is assigned to them. This action will require players to spend 10 CROP tokens which they must have in their in-game wallet.

A player cannot reroll quest from previous seasons in which case they can only reset the entire quests and forfeit the rewards from that set of quests.


After completing a season quest, players will receive a reward chest which they can find in the new items page on the sidebar. This reward chest will contain a base amount of 10 random reward items.

For the first iteration, the reward items will be the following:


Mystery Seeds: When you plant a mystery seed, it randomly transforms into a seed from the current season. The chance for it to transform to a certain rarity is the same as the drop rate for that seed in the packs. This means it has a 75% chance to be a Common seed and 0.8% to be a Legendary seed.

Speed-Gro: Reduces the time required for a seed to mature by 10%-50% on a specific plot of land. This is applied across a land card for all its plots.

Ferti-Plus: Doubles the chance to get 3* and 2* crops upon harvest for the land that it was applied to. This is applied across a land card for all its plots.

The drop rate for each of these items are equal i.e 33.33%. All of these items are single-use items and can only be used once.

We have plans to introduce NFTs as quest rewards later on.


As you might know, we were recently sold out of ALPHA packs which brings the question of what's next to come.

There are ideas to introduce new mechanics into the game and while most of them might not make it into the game, we wanted to provide a picture of what it looks like for the future of the game.

The next edition of packs labeled "BETA" Edition will be likely done by Q1/Q2 of 2022. The beta packs will not contain any seeds/lands that were previously available in ALPHA packs.

Disclaimer: Not all of these ideas will make it into the game and even if they do, there might be drastic changes regarding how these will operate. Please maintain caution before making any monetary decisions.

Here are some of the ideas we plan to bring to the game with the next edition(s):

  • Crafting: Some example of crafting is making flour from wheat, brewing vodka from potatoes and so on.
  • Cooking: Aside from crafting, we also plan to introduce cooking various recipes using your harvested crops.
  • Orders: Crop and food orders where you have to submit a set number of a specific food/crop to earn rewards.
  • Levels/Skills: Crafting and cooking will either come with their own levels or will contribute to a broader player level. Levels will have perks of their own.
  • Combining NFTs: Processing plants/buildings will need lands to be built on as well as resources such as wood etc. Different NFTs will be able to be combined to form a new NFT with a different feature than the ingredients used to combine them.
  • And so on.

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