dCity art Update


For a long time dCities have had Art Galleries and Artists and many players noticed there is not much value in building creativity or holding these items. From now on we have few special art-related updates that will add some value to these NFTs.

As many of you know NFTs are very popular nowadajys in crypto. But Non-Fungible Tokens are not only about games, they are also about collecting art. For some time now, there has already been a platform built on hive-engine.com allowing artists to print and sell art NFTs :


Art Gallery in Dcity

Now you can see your NFT Showroom art collection directly on dCity.io:

For managing your art collection, dCity.io will redirect you to the NFT Showroom webpage.

Art Auction

In the screenshot above you can see the collection held on the @dcityauction account. These NFTs will be sold on dcity auctions and final payment will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% to Art Gallery holders
  • 10% to dCityFund (fund that will be managed by SIM holders after a governance update, staking/proposals, maybe holders will buy more art for auctions)
  • 80% to the Artist who created the art - dCityGame paid for most of the art, but why not :)

How the auction system works

The auction lasts for 3-4 days with a random finish time. The system then picks random art from the collection on @dcityauction and starts a new auction for this item. Of course, the final payment is distributed as mentioned above. Dcitygame regularly buys art for auctions and sometimes receives it from artists directly :)

You can bid now on the dcity.io webpage:

Alternatively, you can bid via direct transfer and then track the auction progress on the dCity discord server.

If you are verified artist on NFTSHOWROOM and you would like to add your art to the auction system just send it to @dcityauction account.

Random ART

Of course that's not everything. In dCity we like to give random NFTs to players :) Now every 24h players holding one of the dCity Artist NFTs will them eligible to receive random art from @dcityart's collection:


If you are a verified artist on NFTSHOWROOM and you would like to promote your art this way just send it to @dcityart account.


About Dcity

Dcity is a mathematical trading card game based on non fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build their own cities with NFTs that represent buildings, citizens and technologies. Players also earn income in the form of HIVE (based on their population ranking) and SIM tokens (based on city income). There are also cards that players can acquire only from playing the game: technologies, backgrounds and more with upcoming updates...

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