Let's Talk Splinterlands


Let's Talk Splinterlands

What is this game, how do you play, and why all the recent hype?

What is Splinterlands.

On the surface, Splinterlands is card battling game that is built on top of the HIVE blockchain. However it's much deeper than just that.

In this game, players build and collect decks of cards and then compete in daily battles and tournaments. Each match that is won rewards the winning player with Dark Energy Crystals or, as it's listed on the Hive Engine exchange as DEC (https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=DEC) .

With DEC, players can buy more cards or potions, or sell the DEC on the internal exchange, or an external exchanges for other digital currency. Some people make a living just by playing this game.

Splinterlands started on HIVE a few years ago as a proof of concept. Since then, Splinterlands has scaled and grew in really awesome ways. The cord game mechanics remain more or less the same for now however, on the horizon there are new modes and ways to play in development that might change this.


How do you play Splinterlands?

The battles happen programmatically and the strategy comes into play before the battle starts. When you select battle, the matchmaking system finding opponent around the same level as you. When this opponent is found you are then asked to select a summoner.

A summoner can be one of six different types / factions. These different types are, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, and Dragons. Depending on the type of summoner you select, you can only use cards from that fcation. Example if you select a fire summoner you can only use your fire cards.

In each battle you're given number of power points you can use in selecting what cards you play, and each card consumes a different amount of these power points to use. You position the cards in the order from front to back, depending on how they make the most sense, and on your strategy.

After you selected both your summoner and the cards they will control it's game on. This point of the match is automated and based off of a predefined set of rules. You can watch the battle unfold and learn from your opponent how they built their deck, so that next match you get better!

If you win you collect the spoils of battle and advance in power, if you lose, you lose some standing but not any DEC... Winning and losing are big part of this game and you will do both quite often.


Why the Recent Hype in Splinterlands?

Today was the first day that Splinterlands released a new governance token called "Splintershards" or SPS ( on Hive Engine at: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=SPS). This new governance token will open up new ways to play in the future.

Some of these new ways may be the form of orize based Tournaments that require a certain amount of SPS staked to play in, future air drops of cards or assets in the game may favor holders of SPS, and many other perks as well. In addition to this by staking SPS, you can earn staking rewards. These rewards can then be staked again or sold for profit. In summary it pays to hold onto SPS.

While this token is on sale on the Hive Engine, it's also currently being airdropped to all players of Splinterlands. However is not a one day airdrop.

This token will have an airdrop over the next 365 days. Each day when you claim your airdrop, a snapshot is taken of your account at that time. Based on your accounts power (* a number generated based on the DEC you hold, cards you have and other ingame assets), an airdrop token amount is generated form this power number and you can claim the new amount of SPS the next day.

For example if you are a new player, and you start collecting a lot of DEC, you could potentially claim larger airdrop's of SPS in the future. Likewise, you sell all your cards assets to take advantage of the recent spike in DEC, then next day you will be able to claim less SPS as part of the airdrop. In summary agin it pays to hold onto SPS.


Splinterlands and its Future.

Splinterlands has a lot of really exciting projects in development. They have an expansion coming out called "Chaos Legion" that will open up new cards, new ways to play the game and be more accessible for newbie players. They have a land system that will be coming online soon, where in allowing players to farm valuable and rare in game assets, and Splinterlands has expanded onto multiple chains to allow players to login play with not only a HIVE account, but many other types.

The full team at D.BUZZ wishes the best to our friends over at Splinterlands. We are also thankful for all the players we have on D.BUZZ that share their daily challenges and updates with us regarding their Splinterlands gamming!

  • What are your thoughts on Splinterlands?
  • What you feel about the new SPS token?
  • Do you see the value of DEC and SPS increasing for long-term?

As always thank you for joining us today and come back tomorrow as we highlight our community member of the week!

- The D.BUZZ


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