My Played Video Games Review: The Combatribes for the Super Nintendo

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The Combatribes is a 1990 2D side-scrolling beat 'em-up game released for the arcades by Technos Japan Corp. A console version for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom was also released in 1992.

From the developers of the famous Double Dragon series on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), comes another brawler. Will it still retain the fun factor of its predecessor titles?

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The Story

The Big Apple's gone rotten...Rival crime gangs have joined forces and New York City is under siege. Your mission: look for and destroy their leader - Martha Splatterhead- a former member of your elite Combatribe Cyborg unit. But in order to get to this horrible bitch, you will have to do some skull-cracking with the most feared gangs in Gotham... in their area of control!

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The Graphics and Sound

Despite the arcade version having a relatively standard art style, this SNES port's graphics have got pastel shadings. Though it is somewhat less detailed than the original game, it looks decent enough for a game created early in the console's lifetime.

The music is mostly indistinguishable from most SNES beat-'em ups, though there are a couple of exciting music tracks. The sound effects are just average and you will not really focus on them while you are busy beating up the bad guys.

Gameplay video sample of The Combatribes (2-Players play) on the Super Nintendo. Watch in 360p for near TV resolution of that time.

The Gameplay

The fighting in this game is superior to any previous game in the Double Dragon series. Players can perform a variety of moves such as combination kicks, punches, running attacks, double-head butts on multiple enemies at once, head bashing, swinging opponents by their legs, and throwing them into other enemies.

The game features three playable characters, Blitz, Bullova, and Berzerker, who are all cyborgs standing nearly seven feet tall. Up to two players can play together to defeat gangs and their bosses at the end of each stage.

The game is set in the streets of a crime-ridden city and players start by battling a menacing motorcycle gang. The game features a lot of storyline elements, especially after defeating bosses and gaining information that leads to the final boss. It could have been longer but it's still fun to play.

Upon completing each level, the game rewards players with a password that unlocks secret characters in the "VS. Mode." This feature adds replayability to the game, as players can continue to discover new characters and play against their friends in the "VS. Mode." The "VS. Mode" also offers a variety of unique stages, special maneuvers, and weapons, such as electricity shots, fireballs, knives, and guns, that add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the gameplay. With the "VS. Mode" players can have endless laughs going against each other.

My Verdict

The Combatribes is a game that may be considered a rehash for those who are familiar with action games, as it features similar gameplay mechanics and styles that have been seen in other games before. However, the game does offer a different theme and a variety of environments to explore. Despite this, The Combatribes still manages to deliver a fair amount of entertainment and is a game that is slightly better than average. It's not a game that will keep you busy for a long time but it's still fun to play once or twice.

Play it on the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom or play it on a favored emulator. Play it with a friend.

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