My Played Video Games Review: Earthworm Jim 2 for the Sega Genesis

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Earthworm Jim 2 is a cartoony, run-and-gun platform video game, and the sequel to Earthworm Jim, on the Sega Mega Genesis/Mega Drive console by Shiny Entertainment. It was released in 1995 and 1996 depending on the region.

This game sequel also surprised me with its also fast and fluid, cartoony graphics back then. The kids in my neighborhood really liked it. But it was not as difficult as the previous game.

The Story

Join Earthworm Jim on a madcap chase across the galaxy. Saving the cows, stopping cretins, and outsmarting Psy-Crow are all in a day's work for him. Are you up to the challenge? Can you handle the cool new weapons? Groovy!

Carton box, manual and cartridge of the game. (Image source)

The Graphics and Sound

Just like in the previous game, the cartoony characters all have an original look and have excellent animation. The animation is one of the smoothest ever seen in a video game in my opinion. Nice graphical touches like flying grizzle coming off the grill in the grill sub-level round out the excellent graphics.

Much like the original, the music is excellent. It fits the stages perfectly. It's not as good as the original, but it's still good. The sound effects are very good. Each one is clear and fits in with the on-screen action nicely.

Gameplay video sample of Earthworm Jim 2 on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Watch in 360p for near TV resolution of that time.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is almost identical to the first game and many of the likable qualities of the original are retained and most of them improved upon. They added a lot of variety to the levels so it balances out nicely.

Just like the original, the controls are perfect. The only problem is that of swinging from one area to the next. It is a little choppy, but it is great in every other way.

The replay value is mediocre. There is nothing left to accomplish after you have beaten it. The only thing you really could do is try to beat your old score. This is the game's worst quality.

My Verdict

Earthworm Jim 2 is one of the sequels that's every bit as good as the first game but with small improvements. It is still a good platform game with tons of variety and lots of laughs. You cannot go wrong with either this or the first game but this one really rocks. This is one of the best of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles out there. Truly a worthy addition to the game library of anyone who loves platform games.

Play it on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console or play it on a damn good emulator.

Let's keep on gaming in the free world!

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