TDM on Eagle's Nest with Tactical Pacing - Vanguard Beta

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Damn we are up high

During weekend 2 of the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta, we were introduced to a new map called Eagle's Nest. This is a tight quarters map and full of action. Playing this with blitz pacing would surely be absolutely nuts. This famous building has all sorts of breakable walls, hallways, and small rooms. It really is the perfect place to run around with an SMG.

More about Eagle's Nest...

The Kehlsteinhaus – known in English as “Eagle’s Nest” – was a prominent Axis meeting house built 1,834 meters above sea level in 1938. Known by the Axis as a diplomatic reception house, it was captured in 1945 and repurposed as an Allied military post. See if your team can control the whole Eagles Nest while the enemy comes in from the exterior. Watch your step on the outskirts of this mountainside map. Another tip - this map also has some great sightlines that make it perfect for longshots. Source


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