Massacre at Kidafure Village

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In this video, witness one of the biggest battles in all of Ghost of Tsushima. Kidafure Village has quite a history of bloodshed, thanks to the Butcher of Iki. This day is no different, besides the fact that it will be Mongols who will suffer this time. Fune, Tenzo, Jin, and other raiders came up with a plan. The goal was to lure the Mongols to an area that would make them easy targets.

Our team worked together well, signaling incoming enemies by shooting fireworks towards the sky. There were several big battles throughout this mission, it was a true test of a samurai's capabilities. We were victorious in the end.

Right as things were winding down, Jin discovered that Tenzo was the man that killed Jin's father. Jin nearly lost it on his new friend, but thanks to a flashback were able to control himself. This new Iki Island story just keeps getting more interesting the further I progress.

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