Cryptobrewmaster: Events post challenge


First Hive rewarding week is on, and we are heading to the finial hours of the Wholesaler Event


The event idea is easy: you need to sell as much and as good beer as you can. To speed-up you can rent a Resource Buildings to get an ingredients, buy Resource packs and use the Finish Now button


Reward pool is

1- 50 HIVE
2- 40 HIVE
3 - 30 HIVE
4 - 20 HIVE
5 - 10 HIVE
6 - 9 HIVE
7 - 8 HIVE
8 - 7 HIVE
9 - 6 HIVE
10 - 5 HIVE

Hopefully the participants are happy with the results!

And in that case there are another contest we want to share with you!

  • All you need to do is write well formatted post about @cryptobrewmaster events, that would be interesting to read and share it in the Hive Gaming community using #cryptobrewmaster hashtag
  • Leave a link on your post in a comment section under this post, so we can check it out!
  • We will upvote the best posts and comments with our Team trail which is around 350.000 Hive Power.
  • Best posts also will be reposted in our Discord and Twitter, so you can earn even more!

Write and Share to get rewarded!


Cryptobrewmaster is a beer brewing game from and for craft beer scene enthusiasts. Brew beer from different ingredients, trade, upgrade your brewery with collectible cards, evolve the character, Earn the CBM token, and buy a beer in the real-world by exchanging it on a cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex24 or via direct token transfer at our partner's online stores. The key idea behind the game is studying people about beer production, using the brewing equipment, and even study to brew their own beer at home. As well as our aim is to connect real-world breweries and industry supply producers \ equipment producers with potential customers all over the world!

We are at TOP4 Dapps on Hive and Top 10 Game Dapps according to DappRadar

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