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RE: GPD Win Max 2: It's Finally Announced

My opinion... I really do think this is an interesting concept. I think this gizmo would work well for someone who wants something to use casually for travel or couch surfing while watching netflix. Might be a good way to use the computer between commercial breaks or while waiting at a restaurant for your order. It is useful enough to make anyone's smartphone or tablet feel like a bulky paperweight in comparison.

It is never going to be competitive with the latest handheld gaming consoles. PC gamers won't replace their rigs for a toy PC that has no upgrade potential. Serious gamers will not want to grip this in their hands for hours, and designers will want a better keyboard and larger screen. Touch screen, touchpad, and pen is welcomed. Hooking up a mouse seems necessary for a desktop, yet this PC seems less likely to actually be used on anyone's desk, which might make creating space for a portable mouse and pad a challenge.

Any clunky wires for power? Battery?

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