dCrop Grow Report #18 : Autumn has arrived!


It's a new season, Autumn, down on the dCrops farm.

Time to plant new Seed cards and buy one to fill a Land plot spot.

If Pumpkin cards offered better quantity production or took less time to grow, I might had only planted Pumpkins just because it's Halloween season.

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That empty Land card needed to be filled and I was out of Autumn Seed cards, so I bought a new Carrot card for 0.4 HIVE, about $0.25 right now.


Now, that's better. Farm Land all filled up.


Not much to show for my rank yet. That will take at least one harvest.


It looks like all my Alpha Packs have kicked in for my in game hodling rewards.


I received my first hodling reward transfer this morning, before the season actually ended....

0.067 HIVE in the bag.


Grab yourself some dCrops Alpha Packs while you still can. They are almost down to 12,000 and when a started a couple seasons ago (each season is 2 weeks, I am sure you can do that math from there) there were like 36,000 Alpha Packs still available. That is a huge drop in availablility in such little time. If they do not sell out this next month, then I still stand by my estimate of them selling out before the end of the year.


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