Thank you 🙏 all dCity Mayors for choosing me as a President!

From the day one when I started to play dCity I am enjoying the game and learning every day how to improve my performance. No city can be called a perfect city, and nobody can copy another's city. It all depends on your thinking, viewpoint, time you devote, your understanding about the game and investment you can put to build your city. No doubt, the game gives to a lot of opportunities to earn, but not by playing only in one dimension. To be a successful player, one must grow the city in multiple way.

Any new player, until he/she understands the game feels that, this is about only earning SIM, but it is not true as high tax rates doesn't give much chance to earn SIM easily. As happened to me also, I was here for the same reason mention above, just to earn SIM. But with passing time, I explored various ways to generate income like-

  • Increasing education and creativity to enhance chances of minting tech and background cards.
  • Increasing Popularity to increase new citizen chances.
  • Holding more than 1M SIM to take advantage of SIM club.
  • Earn ENTRY token.
  • Accumulating war shares
  • Collecting tax refund cards.
  • Writing post about my dCity activities.
  • Bidding in auction.
  • Bidding in the market to purchase cards at cheap price.

Thus, all the above strategy helped me out to grow my city and motivated me to contest for the dCity President's election, and it was only because of your support and love that I could win.

Although president has limited power to change some stats of the game, but it is interesting and gives good feeling to be a president of dCity.

Taxes for next two weeks

I did the following changes in taxes for next one week

  • War tax set to 6% - It will encourage players to accumulate more war shares.
  • Education tax is on - Now Education will be boasted by 10% which will increase chances of discovering tech card. (It will be on for next one week)
  • Basic tax is now 7.5% and will be adjusted to control inflation.
  • Art tax - It is off right now but in the next week it will be on for a week which will boast your Creativity by 10% and your chances to discover background and animation card will be high.
  • I am thinking special tax rebate for weekends. For Saturday and Sunday, tax will be adjusted to 95%

Other stats

AGING RATE Set to 15, so now 15 Old Citizen will retire, and Young Citizen will start Student life
POLITICIAN – Set to 2 so every day 2 Young Citizen will enter into Politics.
CLOWN – Set to 2 so 2 Young Citizen will enter into Comedy life each day.

That's all for today!

Once again I am thankful to all dCity mayors for your support and love!

If you are still not in the game, just join, explore and lets' play!! 🏤🏦🏟️

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