Nintendo's big hit: How Super Smash Bros Brawl becomes one of the most iconic fighting games of Wii

A tribute to Nintendo's journey and to fighting games: Smash Bros Brawl

Who hasn't played a Nintendo game in their lifetime? It seems that the word video game and all its meaning is welded in a company like Nintendo that has been releasing game after game and innovating in the industry in many new ways, just naming how Zelda changed the modern adventures with its dungeon system or how Mario Galaxy gave the definitive jump to a better defined 3D and a perfection of the gameplay seems short if we count all the efforts that have been made in the red plumber's company in the industry, but I think there is a field in which we do not give enough credit to these geniuses, fighting games and competitive online, two genres that Super Smash Bros, the fighting saga where all Nintendo characters have an appointment, stands out in style.

From the beginning it seems like a utopian idea that a single company would make available to all its most iconic characters for a final duel, but on top of all this, Nintendo does its part and gives a spectacular title from start to finish starting with the original Smash back in the Gamecube, but I think it reached the point of maximum perfection in the delivery of Brawl for Wii, which at the time was the most important crossover in video games, with an absurdly large amount of content that made the length of the game almost unlimited between all game modes, characters, galleries, story mode and final bosses only, Brawl is a real festival of fighting by Nintendo, one that is very balanced and brings with it levels of fun and competitiveness from another world.

Going through the gameplay in which combines different stages and ways to approach the fights with an almost unlimited amount of variables that we can choose at the beginning of each game (objects, damage caused, the intensity of the blows, to some other very interesting) but it is the gameplay that Nintendo has been responsible for perfecting and redirecting away from those controls where you could win by pressing any button, in this combat there are strategies, different combos that work in different situations and the fighters themselves are a fundamental part of the player's fighting style, and if you don't believe me ask the professionals who play Smash and they will tell you the brutal difference between Pikachu and Ganondorf.

The combat is full of intense moments where even the most amateurs have a place, and although it is not an easy title to master it does give a wide margin for beginners, the objects in a battle usually tip the balance and make each one of them much more varied, this combat title falls into that category where it is mainstream enough for the most novices but when the battles start to get serious and there are two players who know what they are doing the battles can mean a whole show.

The amount and variety of characters in this title is overwhelming, having many of the main characters from the main Nintendo games but at the same time implementing surprise characters from other companies, and who doesn't remember Sonic in that trailer where he went out with Mario or Snake in his box spying on all the Smash participants just so he could join them? Besides that we have all this variety of characters, they all have unique abilities that make them stand out, some are lighter than others and work in different ways during combat so it adds another nuance that is taken into consideration, for example, Pikachu is exceptional with close combat while Samus prefers to attack from afar, and there are other more balanced players like Link or Mario that work well in both situations, it's a matter of choosing one and go perfecting it.

But there is not only the battle mode, although it may be the mode where we can enjoy more with friends the truth is that this installment is exceeded by delivering a story mode that brings together all the characters with one goal, to protect the subspace of darkness, is a very simple story mode with scenarios full of enemies where we have to go through each of them until you reach the final boss, and go that challenges us because if we put it on the highest difficulty we will have a hard time with the simplest enemies, I'm not even talking about the final bosses, but this quest is a game mode that took me by surprise by how well done it is, we can collect items and use them just like in battle mode, there are several trophies that will also become our obsession but the best thing is that we can arm our team and cross all levels, there are even new characters that we can unlock for this mode.

I could be talking for hours about this game, the extras it has where we have several mini-games that are nourished by what Nintendo was at that time, creativity was at its peak and that allowed developers to highlight their game by including game modes such as events or a simple pinball style game, the extras in this game are a great addition once we finish trying the other game modes, I do not know, just the extensive content that has this game makes its duration goes from lasting long, to be virtually unlimited, maybe I'm leaving out some game mode but what I mean is that you have the opportunity to get a Wii, please play Super Smash Bros, you will not regret it.

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