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Welcome back to the ever-expanding @boycharlieplays Hive Content Creation universe. We are reopening a portal to the Minecraft realm @boycharlieville. This survival world is where wild animals, scary creatures, and an abundance of resources are all over. Every now and then I will update you all on the status of this realm. To make things interesting on the Hive platform you the readers and commenters will be able to dictate the choices in these stories.

Opening the Portal


by Charles Laboy

@boycharlieplays woke up in his small white bed in a dark hollow cave in the @boycharlieville dimension. Small dripping sounds could be heard around the small underground base area . This pit stop is designed for those looking to expand their riches in the lower-level mines.

@boycharlieplays: "I hope to make good ground and strip this mining area. Maybe I'll get to resell some grade A Iron or Gold in the market. Maybe I will run into those guys they told me about too!"

A few days ago, the "initial adventurer" or the "first adventurer" sent out a beacon for help on a local quest. Being low on SIM tokens in @boycharlieville, @boycharlieplays took the job and offered his services to check the mining area.

The mine was not too far from his own base camp, close enough to drag his own bed into the quarters. Before the bandits arrived this area was immensely full of miners looking to expand their pockets. Now the bandits are causing too much trouble for anyone to work. The "initial adventurer" wants others to be able to work on the base area fully but the bandits have to be taken care of.

Choose the next part of the story
Climb the ladder to Search for the Forest Bandit Base
Continue to Mine to go down the Tunnel to Find the Bandit Underground Base.
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