God of War: Stranger with Godly Powers.


God of War 2018 was developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and released worldwide for windows at January 14 2022. It's an action-adventure video game.

I published the gameplay recording on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube.

Stranger with Godly Powers

Atreus: I don't know what's happening... Someone came to the door and father made me hide under the house. Now they're fighting. Who is he? and why is he doing this?

Screenshot (71).png

It's time to return to the house and face what lies ahead on the path forward.

Screenshot (72).png

While running towards the house, I've discovered a door to a hidden chamber which was locked and sounds like they knew about this chamber all the time.

Screenshot (73).png

And there were enemies on the way that I had to go through and this was a new and special enemy that I can't beat up using the axe. So I used the bare hands and destroyed the creature.

Screenshot (74).png

Then we reached the house although it was funny that I wasn't remembering the house even after I was running through it and then I've found it at last and Atreus was sent inside while Kratos stopped for something.

Screenshot (75).png

Screenshot (76).png

He stopped the get ashes of Faye, his second wife as Faye asked them to take her ashes to the highest peak in the realms.

Screenshot (77).png

Screenshot (78).png

Then Kratos went inside the house and found Atreus sad and he started testing endurance of Atreus.

Screenshot (79).png

Screenshot (80).png

And Kratos understood that Atreus can't hold his anger and he may get lost in it as the path ahead is difficult.

Screenshot (81).png

Suddenly they heard a noise from the roof and it sounds like something big fell on the roof. And someone started knocking the door.

Kratos sensed something and hid Atreus under the house.

Screenshot (82).png

Screenshot (83).png

Then Kratos opened the door and found a skinny man waiting for him. This skinny man doesn't have a name or we didn't get one as he was addressed as a stranger the whole time.

Screenshot (84).png

Screenshot (85).png

It looked like the stranger was dying for a fight while Kratos was warning him to leave him alone but the stranger started hitting him and said Kratos needs to kill him to get rid of him.

Then Kratos did his first hit and threw him on the ground.

Screenshot (86).png

Screenshot (87).png

And the interesting thing happened when the stranger punched Kratos later and Kratos was thrown into air and fell on the ground on the other side of the house. Now I understood that this is going to be fun and hard.

Screenshot (88).png

Now I started fighting him and he looks like a solid rock when I attack him.

Screenshot (89).pngScreenshot (90).png

Screenshot (91).png

So we both kept attacking each other and it was really hard to keep up with him and I didn't give up.
This never ending fight stayed for around 17 minutes and I was defeated once or twice.

Screenshot (92).png

Screenshot (93).png

At a point, the stranger threw me inside a mountain and I was struck there when the stranger was talking getting who is inside the house. Then I got the spartan rage available and with the rage, I broke out the mountain and beat him up badly but nothing seemed to be happen to him.

Screenshot (94).png

He kept laughing when I was beating him black and blue.

Screenshot (95).png

At a point, Kratos put a big rock on the stranger and we both thought the battle has ended and I started walking towards the home.

Screenshot (96).png

Screenshot (97).pngScreenshot (98).png

But the stranger didn't die, he threw the big rock on Kratos and Kratos used his shield and destroyed the rock.

Screenshot (99).png

Screenshot (100).pngScreenshot (101).png

Screenshot (102).png

We kept fighting for more time and always it looked like the fighting has just started and the stranger thought he can't die but at last Kratos and I killed the overpowered skinny guy.

Screenshot (103).png

Then I went to the home to look out for Atreus.

Screenshot (105).png

Atreus looked fine and Kratos asked him to get ready as they were leaving for the mountain.

Screenshot (106).png

Atreus took his bow and arrows and they are ready to leave their home.

Screenshot (107).png

And it was the finishing of the very first mission that I'm talking about in last three posts (including this one). I guess every single mission will be much longer that I can't show in a single post so I'll keep showing them in parts like I'm doing right now.

Now who knows what happens in the following path? We'll check that out in another post soon.

My PC Specs:
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3.60 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
GPU: GTX 1660 Super.

Image Source: In game screenshots + hivegc official logo & banner + hive.blog official logo.

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