This is my entry post for Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Defender of Truth. You can participate in this challenge even if you don't have themed card. Here is the Challenge post,

Here is my youtube video link:


When I start playing I upgraded my Tyrus Paladium to level 6 and so I can play in Champion League and 3360 champion points. Life splinter is my favourite splinter and also Defender of Truth is my signature card.

Tell us about your lineup. Explain why you put each card in that position and why they are a good fit with the DEFENDER OF TRUTH.

My Line-Up:

SummonerTyrus Paladium
Positioin 1ShieldBearer
Positioin 2SilverShield Paladin
Positioin 3Defender of Truth
Positioin 4TruthSpeaker
Positioin 5Silvershield Sheriff
Positioin 6Lone Boatman

Rules are Aim True and Blast:

So my opponent will choose:

  1. Melee and ranged attack monster
  2. Monsters with armor.
  3. Ranged Sniper

So I chose ShieldBearer in first position to make his sniper useless. Sniper will only attack ShieldBearer because of its Taunt ability.
I also choose SilverShield Paladin to nullify the Blast damage from his melee and ranged attack monsters.
I choose Defender of Truth and TruthSpeaker in third position to make double protection. I got additional 4 armor on all my monster cards.
I also added two ranged snipers in fifth and last positon. Lone Boatman has repair armor ability so this is like adding sugar on the honey.
I did not choose monster with Tank Heal ability because healing only the first position monster is useless against the rule like Blast. Only monster with Triage ability can make the battle longer and I don't have the monster that has the Triage ability in my life splinter.

I chose my monsters carefully so they are fitting very well with Defender of Truth.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes. My strategy works and I won this battle. Actually I tried Defender of Truth with other splinter already. Here is the battle link:

I can even defeat level 6 Lyanna Natura in this battle.

Do you like the DEFENDER OF TRUTH? Why or why not?

I like this card so much. It is very strategic and can work very well with Dragon splinter. You can see in my second battle. Armors are mandatory if you fight against melee and ranged attack monsters. I hope you also like the monsters that can provide armor to your team. This monster are like a boss. It can provide armor to every monster in the team.

I can tipped 20 pieces of PIZZA per day right now. So everyone who comment on my post will get a slice of PIZZA.

Disclaimer: I copied above image from @migilli.


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