How I become a Phoenix Slayer

This is the story how I become Phoenix Slayer. Phoenix is a legendary creature. It can rebirth from fire whenever it died. So theoretically it will never die.

Here is my video:

My opponent choose only Phoenix and Halfling Alchemist in this battle. But I choose Furisous Chicken, Pelacor Conjurer, Divine healer and Peacebringer. These are very cheap cards compared to Phoenix.

Magic Reflect and Tank Heal ability help me to win this battle. I should choose Defender of Truth instead of Peacebringer. If so the battle will finish more quickly. But Who knows he will choose a legendry Phoenix.

This is a great win for me and this will encourage me to do more battle. I also won a battle against Kralus so may be I can share you tomorrow.

I will also show you the quest reward I got today.


I have got 10$ today so It is a lucky day for me. I wish you will also get a good rewards. Please share you rewards in my post so I can give you a slice of PIZZA.

I also can tipped 20 pieces of PIZZA right now. So everyone who comment on my post will get a slice of PIZZA.

Disclaimer: I copied above image from @migilli.


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