Splinterlands - Season end rewards and rental income

I still remember that during the early days of the game, I used to be on Champions and diamond leagues easily every season. I was just lazy to play the game regularly but otherwise if I play, I always used to stay in diamond and champion as well. Looking at the season-end rewards now, I'm still happy even though I'm not in high league levels. The main reason is that the player base is very big right now and the FOMO about the game is still there. That keeps the asset value high right now.



I opened my 50 loot chests and received the above rewards. I guess the total number of cards was 17 out of 40 loot chests. But I'm glad that I was able to pull 2 epic cards which are very good. A few rare cards as well increase the overall reward value. I'm planning to upgrade my cards with some investment already to increase my rental income.

My rental income from last season

This is the most interesting part of every season ever since the rental system came into existence. A few months back I was able to grab 50k DEC as rental income alone. I'm glad that the rental rewards are still very good. In addition to that if we play with our main deck the income is even better and in some countries, people can easily make a living with this type of income.

I'm glad to share that last season my rental income was close to 30k DEC. I initially bought some cards with 2k DEC and apart from that I received closed to 29k DEC towards the end of the season. So, the overall income is close to 40k DEC where the remaining came from playing the game. By playing the game, I was able to grab only around 8k DEC but from rental income, I was able to grab a total of 30k DEC which is pretty good I should say. Of course, there were also season-end rewards that's anyways separate. I always have this confusion if I should continue playing the game or just keep doing the passive earning from the rental market. Let's see how the rental market goes after a few more seasons.

Booking profits is very important

I always have this thought that booking profits are very important. Especially when the market is very good, it is important to book profits. I did not sell everything off. I decided that I will be holding 100k DEC long-term and sell the remaining I get from the game. As I got over 35k DEC from rental markets and other income, I decided to book some profit this season. The profit booking gave close to 500 Hive were 25k from one account and 5k from another account. I still haven't sold the 5k yet. I will have to think about it in the coming day whether to max out my cards or book profits.


Another main reason I wanted to book profits was that I need some liquid funds in hand to purchase CL packs if I decide to do so. I do have some SPS in hand which I bought from trading but I need some liquid Hive too to purchase the packs. So selling DEC is a good option because the price of DEC is very good right now.

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