Genshin Impact gameplay fiction pt-1| Another World

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. It's the love for anime that made me choose this game. It's the story of twins Aether and Lumine, who fell to a mysterious world. It's their journey, we can choose one of them to continue playing.

Here I am converting the game into a fictional story, there's plenty of moments which words can't describe. So I will be narrating the story with a little bit differently. The plot and incidents will be the same. Some dialogues and some other small stuff will be changed to make it a better one to read. This will be a series, where each post comes as each chapter.

The header image is from here and all other images are screenshots taken from the game.

That elated voice echoed in his brain, she was in a way saying what happened to him. His mind has filled the memories of his sister, the day they came to this mysterious world. "Outlanders", that's what the goddess called them. It was an uncertain event that leads him and his sister to reach this world. The world is full of mysteries and dangers. He loved his sister more than anything, she's the one who stood next to him all the time. She was also a fighter as strong as him.


He still remembers that thing happened in front of them when they tried to leave that planet. It was red, the colour of the clouds turned red. Then that red spread along and then appeared the goddess. She was in some uncommon shape, her appearance could easily show how powerful was she. Aether knew it from the beginning that it wasn't some kind of usual fights he ran into.

Aether and Lumine were prepared to fight from the next moment when they saw her.


"The sustainer of heavenly principles" that's what she called herself. Aether remembers those words clearly. They knew that it was the time to start the fight, Aether and Lumine flown to the sky, they both took out the sword. There was a smile on the goddess's face, that was enough that she had all the power to defeat them. But there was any other time they feared about something or someone.

Both of them swung their swords and flew towards the god, the things happened after that we're not clear in Aether's memory. All he knew is the red colour enlarging and that swallowing her sister. Finally, that threw him out to the floor. He still remembers the last yelling sound he created.

"Give me my sister back..."

It wasn't just a cry, it was so deep from his heart. His body started shivering, he knew that he is starting to accept reality. He looked around. He realized that his powers are gone, there is nothing left in him. He was empty in all aspect. It was Paimon who was in front of him, that cute little face. That face was filled with happiness, respect and some kind of love.

He has forgotten how long before he lost his sister, it had been a lot of years. He clearly couldn't find out when was it. He was all alone, found out Paimon two months before. She was drowning for the first time when he saw her, he helped then they are together.


"Let's take the route as we planned.
We're off to the statue of the Seven"

Paimon said this and started walking away, she flew in front of him. She was leading the path, Aether followed her. She had some real talent in finding the paths. There was a lake in front of him, and at there was a path in the side to the lawn. Aether walked towards the side of the lake and then moved towards the lawn. It was green as ever, they moved as fast they can. Then it was the cliff they reached. The stuffed there, in front of them there was a beautiful world. It was real beauty like some kind of painting which was in front of them.


"Oh wow", Paimon was surprised by the scenery. It was a blend of blue and green. The sky, green, the water and the birds chirping in the horizon. And they could see it in the middle, there was a peculiar light propagating from the statue. Aether looked at it silently for a while.

" There's seven of these scattered around the world," Paimon said it and kept quiet.


They both knew what was next, they ran towards the statue. There was an unending lawn in front of them. They ran through it and there was a lake in front of them. Aether went deep into the lake and started swimming. The feel of the water made him think about his sister. His eyes closed for a second. He could see the statue a little far away.

[story continues]

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