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At the start of the year, I decided I was going to get into blockchain gaming, and today I decided to start. I've always wanted to play blockchain games but I felt I was too busy with other things to get started. My commitments are yet to change but I've decided to just fuck it and go straight in.

It was difficult choosing which of the blockchain games to start with, but my passion for football made me choose rabona. I figured if I couldn't find time to play something I enjoyed so much, then I won't be able to play any of the blockchain games.

I tried creating my rabona account on the first day of the year, but I had some issues creating my account. After a lot of struggling, I went into the rabona discord server and laid a complaint. A member of the team @mciszczon was on ground to listen to my complaints (trust me they were a lot) and after a while, he was able to assist me in rectifying the error.


Once I got in I was a bit confused on what to do (I should have read the guide), so I decided to ask for help from a friend. @khaleesii was on ground and was very helpful. She explained a lot of things to me, answered all my questions(if you know me, you'll know I ask a lot of questions), and gave me a few tips and pointers. I'm very grateful to her.

I've managed to get a few decent players in for a reasonable amount of rbn, upgraded some facilities, trained my players, and performed some tasks in preparation for the new season which starts tomorrow.



I was also advised to put in some more rbn, which I plan on doing, but at the moment I'd like to wait till after the new season begins tomorrow so I can see how it is.

I'm a bit anxious for the start of the new season, and the thrill of managing my first match (Hopefully I win). I'm yet to see how it is, but I finally read the guide and I think I understand how it works.


Incase you're new, or you've never heard of Rabona before. It's a soccer manager game built on the hive blockchain. You can scout or buy players, upgrade your club facilities, sign sponsorship deals, set up your team however you like, train players, and basically do everything to lead them to glory and establish themselves a big club. They are several competitive leagues starting from league 3 to the league of champions. And untop all of this, if you play your cards right you can earn some cash in the form of rbn as you play. rbn is the currency used in the game. It can be swapped for pegged hive (another in-game currency pegged to the price of hive) which can be used to buy hive.

If you're interested in playing click here feel free to set @b0s as referral so we both receive some extra rbn. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.

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