Figuring out my place in Blockchain Gaming

Finding out about the different Blockchain Games has been a journey and I Feel like Splinterlands is my stepping stone into a wider world of Cryptocurrency

I used to play Hearthstone almost every day and spend my time building decks that could either cripple myself or destroy the enemy in one fell swoop, going against people in ranked using those decks was always great and at the end of the season I would earn a card back that everybody else who participated in the season would get and that was the game.

Then I meandered around Magic the Gathering Online just for a change of pace and to try new deck combinations with my friends and play against them but that was all I did on there, not getting into it as much as them.

I heard about Splinterlands from a family friend who taught us about the Hive.Blog and D.Buzz and thought 'Well I like Trading Card Games and I'm researching Crypto, Lets see what this is about.'
I bought in and after figuring out the game would turn it on every other day to play while I did research on the computer. That feeling of knowing that every chest or card pack I opened had a real world value had me excited!

Seeing the recent Splintershards launch and the market frenzy that followed the SPS Airdrop system has caused me to think about how I spend my time playing certain Games, I like different genres of games and if there is a Crypto version of a genre I enjoy that allows me to earn cryptocurrency then I should start playing that in my free time to both satisfy my gaming and to possibly gain something that could be worth while!

What are your thoughts on Blockchain gaming and what's your favorite game to play?

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