M3: Its Again Philippines Team's Times

It was such a shame that I can not make regular posts about the M3 Mobile Legend Bang-bang World Championships. The championships were finally over yesterday with an all Philippines finals in the Grand Final.

Onic PH was too strong at the upper bracket, they send down all other teams they played against. Including Blood Thirsty King who managed to send Blacklist International into the lower bracket in the opening match of the upper bracket.

While Onic Ph was cruising rather easily and in a shorter time as the advantage playing in the upper bracket, Blacklist has to endure and played more matches in the lower bracket. In the grand final of the lower bracket, they met with Blood Thirsty King (BTK) who was surprisingly manage to beat them 3-2 in their first encounter.

But on the second encounter in the lower bracket, Blacklist was too strong and manage to beat BTK and go through the Grand final.

What is more interesting is that Blacklist manages to beat Onic PH 4-0 in a best of seven matches in the Grand final. Blacklist dominated almost every game in the match. Blacklist become the second Philippines games that won world championship after Brent Esport won the M2 last year.

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