Play-asia Games are Actually Cheap Now?

Play-asia is a unique ecommerce website. It specializes in games imports, especially from Asia (Japan, Hong Kong ...etc.) It's the first option for the west to import physical Japanese Games. Especially for non-region locked consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Play-asia also offers Exclusives! Sometimes, they tend to release limited physical versions of games that were digital-only.

It also accepts cryptocurrencies.

These Play-Asia Exclusives are usually the main reason to use the website! They come in limited quantities and are sold-out quickly, and you can't get them anywhere else!

The Prices in Play-asia aren't cheap though, and so their shipping prices. Since they're imports, the shipping cost are understandably high.

Their digital games library was lacking too. Play-asia sells Gift Cards for PC and Consoles, as well as Digital games and Subscriptions, but their prices were too expensive compared to the competition.

That is, until recently!

Lately, I noticed that their Digital Content is getting cheaper. For example, the 1000 Yen Japanese eShop Card is only $10] right now, while the 5000 Yen Card is priced at $45! If you have Japanese eShop account, Play-asia makes it easy to add funds without a Japanese credit card.


What made me write this article, and the reason behind the title however is the PC Games section!

I noticed that the prices of PC Games on Play-asia are actually competitive. They don't have a huge selection, because they don't specialize in PC games, but you'll notice you can get very good deals if you look close enough.

I first noticed when I found out that Trails series is quite cheap on there. Trails in the Sky SC is sold at 50% off its Steam Price.

Of course, most PC games on Play-asia are not at their all time low price. Some of them seem to have been included in bundles before, and I believe that's where Play-asia got them for these cheap prices. But these prices are still very good.

Tekken 7 is only $7 on Play-asia. That's only slightly more expensive than the all-time-low of the game.


There are other marketplaces for cheap previously-bundled games, but Play-asia is more Reputable than all of them. (Though it doesn't have a big catalogue as it's not specialized in them.)

That's why I recommend Play-asia for PC games if there's a game you like that have been bundled before and you've missed it. Check for Steam Sales first! You don't know where to find the better deal.

Some games are region locked, but if that's even better deal if you live in that region. The Europe version of Metal Gear Solid V is a steal!

Play-asia also offers non-Steam PC games at competitive prices. Minecraft Java Ed. is cheaper than Microsoft.

What do you think?

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