Opening some @dcrops packs!

@dcrops announced a farming game on Hive some time ago and had their alpha pre-sale recently. Today buyers were able to open their packs to see what kind of cards and their rarities they got so I decided to record it as I was planning on opening quite a bit of packs!

Here's the recording of it with some commentary.

I'll be giving out one of each cards except the legendary ones to people in the comments, just mention if you want to participate in the raffle by saying something like !raffle and I'll pick the winners at random tomorrow or so. :)

Check out @dcrops for more info, link to their discord in their posts as well and join the farm if you're interested in these kind of games and what they may turn into.

I might give away some alpha packs later on as well but for now only cards are possible to send to others and trade in the marketplace!

Hope you liked the video, let me know what you think of the project and if you had any luck opening your own packs! :)

50% of post rewards going to @hbdstabilizer due to the amount of autovotes I usually get.

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