[Acid Plays] Counter Strike Global Offensive - Ranked

Been a while since I've played CS:GO again, last time I quit cause I decided to change my sensitivity along with a few games not going well it felt like it'd be a steep hill to climb to get back to my roots, but to take a break from Hive stuff I decided to give it another try.

First game was an interesting one, not many team members were communicating much, and CS being an important game to communicate and call out from where you got shot from it definitely put a handicap on it. Somehow I did quite alright in that one even though it was a tough game to win.

The second one went a lot better so I'm glad I decided to record another one. This one was also on Dust 2 which is one of the classics and one of my favorite maps!

Apologize for the screen ratio, I'm currently playing stretched mode and the GeForce recorder is not a fan of it. In the future I'm also gonna be trying to snip some highlights from these recordings to make for a bit more entertaining viewing, but for now I'll just forfeit some of my post rewards due to autovotes.

_50% going to @hbdstabilizer to help with the HBD peg!

Hope you like the gameplay!