Direct exchanges with Keychain.

Today I didn't know very well what to write about, you could say I'm a little thick. So I'm going to participate in a contest organized by Keychain.
I don't like to participate a lot in contests because I don't think they will ever choose me, but hey, at least it will help me for today's publication and to let those who don't know know how direct exchanges work in Keychain, which has been around for a while. I use it regularly.

I am going to make it educational and in images so that there are not many doubts left.

Source: Screenshot of Keychain application

Here we are going to use the Keychain V3 extension to do the demonstration. So the first thing will be to go to the main screen of the extension as shown in the image above. Then click on exchange to go to the next screen.

Source: Screenshot of Keychain application

This is the exchanges screen. Here we can see that there is a 0.75% fee if we pass tokens from layer 2 to layer 1.
We can also choose the tokens we want to exchange and the slippage we allow. This can be chosen in parameters.
Another interesting thing is that there is a minimum value to exchange 1 Hive. With less it doesn't work.

Source: Screenshot of Keychain application

In this other screen it shows us all the data before proceeding with the exchange so that we can check all the data.
This way we avoid unwanted mistakes.

Source: Screenshot of Keychain application

And this exchange has already been carried out successfully. Easy, simple and fast.
The good thing about Keychain exchange is the speed and ease as long as there is a counterparty. Also choose all the places where the counterparty exists. This way you don't have to waste time looking for the best price, the application does it for you.

Well I hope it has been useful to you and let's see if I win a prize. 😂😂😂

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