HSBI DAILY GIVEAWAY #92 (Special : 2 Winners)

Hi everyone, welcome to my latest giveaway. This giveaway will replace the old daily giveaway which I thought was "lacking" in rewarding the winners.

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In this Giveaway, I will be giving away 1 HSBI every day. Yup, every day (from Monday to Sunday) unlike the previous giveaway which is only available on weekdays.

Why HSBI? Because by rewarding the winner with HSBI, the sender will also receive the same amount of HSBI that they sent. By collecting HSBI, you have the opportunity to get an Upvote from one (or several) accounts managed by @steembasicincome. For more details about what HSBI is, you can see through website or documentation...............

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The HIVE liquid needed for HSBI I took from my Hive Power (HP). I started power down on October 29, 2023, by 130 HP, so there will be 10 liquid HIVE available each week.

  • Every day I will give away 1 HSBI to 1 lucky winner, while the remaining 3 HIVEs will be Power-Up again.

  • if the author rewards of each post have an average of 1.5 HIVE or more, I will give out 3 additional HIVE/HSBI on Friday to Sunday post in the next week (1 HSBI each).

  • If the author rewards of each post have an average of 2 HIVE or more, I will add 1 more HSBI to each post in the next week.

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How to enter the GIVEAWAY

  • To join this Giveaway, simply write your name in the comments.

  • Reblog and Upvote are optional, but the more the number of upvotes the more I will increase the number of HSBI that I will distribute in each GIVEAWAY (add 1 HSBI per 1 HIVE / HP of author reward)

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Want to get more HSBI?

You can join the FreeCompliments community for a chance to get a lot of HSBI (just by joining, you already get 1 HSBI). Other ways to get HSBI in the FreeCompliments community include:


or you can also see here (+ HSBI Rewards for Curation Trail) .......................

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Apart from joining the FreeCompliments Community, you can also get HSBI by participating in GIVEAWAY from several other users, including :

  • bitcoinman (link)

  • noctury (link)

  • win.hive (link)

  • thebighigg (link)

  • braaiboy (link) (comment with a braai/BBQ picture)

  • daddydog (link) WEEKLY

  • cryptounicorn420 (link) WEEKLY

  • no-advice (link) WEEKLY

  • vrezion (My 2nd Account) (link) WEEKLY (refilled every monday)

  • bulliontools (link) WEEKLY

(If you know of other users holding HSBI Giveaways, let me know in the comments.)
Tak berjudul1_20231107202711.png
That was my post about the HSBI Giveaway. See you in the next post and good luck...

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This is a scheduled post
Winners will be announced in the comments (will take a bit longer, especially during weekends)

Hive Power that I got in the 13th week (#83 ~ #89)


TOTAL 17.969 (HP):7 (DAYS)=2.567 (HSBI)

Add 1 more winner on Giveaway #90 ~ #98

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