The Missing Myths & Legends Silver Round: Dragon & Koi 1 oz 2023


I love dragon silver

Early in my journey of silver stacking, I was amazed by all the dragon beauty to be found on these coins. One after the other amazed me with their design and it was such a nice feeling when I had my first Myths and legends coin with the dragon, coming from the Perth Mint, in my hands. I was not the only one btw, my boyfriend as well as my daughter couldn't stop looking at the fine details on the coin. At that moment I knew there would be more dragons coins added to my collection in the future.

A dragon, a phoenix and now the dragon and koi round

I've been wanting this one for a while so when I found it on a local marketplace, I was happy to order it with low shipping costs and it surely did not disappoint me when it arrived. I personally know very little about koi fish besides seeing them represented on tattoos and being absolute artworks usually. As it's part of the myths and legends collection, I was curious about the mythical meaning behind the koi fish. I didn't have to look very far to read this on the website where I found more info about this particular coin:


So it seems the Koi Carp as well as the Dragon (together) represent quite a few things in mythology which is nice. I didn't notice the full moon part yet until I read this information, which is nice because it shows me even greater detail of this coin.


The silver coin came in a little bag and capsule.


The best side :)


The observe with Queen E II. Value $1 Australian.


The side..


Look at that, I love it! What a little piece of art!


All My Myths & Legends Silver Together

As I mentioned above, the first one I bought from this series was the dragon, a little while later, without even realizing this was from the same series, I bought the phoenix, which is another true beauty if you ask me.



And now finally:


Embracing the mythical creatures!

I should probably check and find out if there are more because clearly I don't know exactly which series there are yet and how many different designs they made, either way I can safely say that these three surely are special to me.

For example the phoenix was special because of the mythical meaning of a phoenix, I think someone even responded to my post at the time that I could relate to it, rising from the ashes. That's a bit how it feels if you come back from having absolutely nothing and start building your life again. So on top of the amazing designs, they are special to me either way.

Now that I know what the Koi Carp represents, I've also learned a bit more about another mythical creature. Silver stacking is way more fun than you can imagine, isn't it?

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon with another coin added to my collection!

All images above are my own..

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