How do you deal with anger?

Welcome back,

In this blog I am here to communicate with every reader who reads this blog. I am here to share something from my life and ask you all on the other side of the screen to help me out, just share your thoughts and opinion and I will try my best to follow something that sounds helpful in real.


Life is all about ups and down, sometimes it is just too much that we are unable to take it anymore and we get angry. When you are angry you take wrong decision, and your actions might not be justified to yourself as well once the anger is gone and that is what I have felt.

So, now tell me if you think this is natural and if there are ways to tackle it. Also share with me how you overcome or reduced this in your case or in someone else's case. I think that a person with lot of stress finds a way to get rid of it and the best he/she can do is by showing anger.


I know it is all pointless and that there is no use of getting angry in situations like that. When I am all exhausted from the work and requires some peace of mind, I have to look into the issues with kids and family but then how can I even complain about that thing as it is my responsibility.

What should I do? Change my schedule, change my work or simply ignore and let this thing go on as it is. I am thanking everyone in advance and hope to hear something from the readers here.

Thank you

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