SWAMP SPITTER combat ability in Splinterlands

Following up on my previous post about MERDAALI GUARDIAN's abilities, there is also SWAMP SPITTER in the water element, which is very useful for monsters with shields. Tank monsters can survive enemy attacks thanks to being able to repair their shields.

As part of the Splinterlands social media challenge, this week's post will discuss SWAMP SPITTER's performance in battle.

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SWAMP SPITTER is a water-based monster in the REWARDS SOULBOUND series with a common rarity. With 7 points of mana, this card is difficult to use in low-mana battles. Because the ranged type cannot be placed in front of as tank. As a result, SWAMP SPITTER is best suited as a backup to assist from the rear of the combat formation.

At the first level, the SWAMP SPITTER skill is used to repair monster shield damage. This means you can restore damaged monster shield points. At level 6, the SWAMP SPITTER skill will be added to GIANT KILLER, which will deal double damage to enemy monsters with 10 or more mana points.

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We'll see how SWAMP SPITTER's abilities help me win the battle. And in a fight without magical monsters, a shield would be extremely useful. With a mana cap of 25 points and only four elements available: water, life, death, and dragon, I chose to use a dragon summoner. The element options are dragons and water monsters.

DJINN CHWALA was placed in the lead position as a tank because it is the most appropriate monster for fighting without magic monsters under the rules. The healing and shield-repairing monsters come next. And, as a rear destroyer of the opponent's formation, I assigned URAEUS its poison capabilities.

DJINN CHWALA's shield is thick, and with the help of two monsters, the shield's condition returns to normal after each round. Another advantage is DJINN CHWALA's thorn ability, which counters any melee attack that comes his way.

Even though the opponent has a powerful monster, ZYRIEL, it cannot penetrate the shield restoration ability. Finally, the ERAEUS poison effect that settles from the back continues to deplete the opponent's monster's health points. Finally, the battle can be won thanks to the shield's continuous repair abilities.

You can find the battle link below:


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Fighting without magic monsters has the advantage of improving shields. Because a shield prevents the opponent's monster attacks from penetrating it easily. Especially in the presence of monsters like SWAMP SPITTER, which can repair shield damage. Of course, there are situations in which improved shields cannot be used, but with the proper fighting rules, SWAMP SPITTER can help you win in battle.

That is the ability of SWAMP SPITTER that I can mention in this post. Hopefully, this provides some insight into the cards in Splinterlands.

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