Hello everyone, welcome back to the Splinterlands weekly challenge. And the theme this week is EQUALIZER.

What you should know about the EQUALIZER rule is that it guarantees a fair fight. Of course, the number of health points at the beginning of the fight. That is, before the addition or deletion of monster or summoner skills.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind when using the EQUALIZER rules, as outlined below.

  • All health points will be calculated based on the monster's highest health point on the battlefield. Therefore, it is advantageous to send monsters with low health points.
  • Use summoners or skills to reduce enemy health points. This provides an advantage for your team.
  • Use monsters with strong shields but low health points. So, during the battle, you'll have a monster with a thick shield and a lot of health points. For example, EVER HUNGRY SKULL.
  • All other stats remain unchanged, including attack power and speed. Health points will increase.

Single line Orange.png

In this battle, the mana cap is 38 points, with three element choices: fire, life, and earth. The addition of combat rules, specifically Target Practice, will make it more efficient to use monsters with magic and ranged attacks. To take advantage of the Equalizer rules, I chose life element monsters.


I only use monsters with low health points. Starting with IMPERIAL KNIGHT (8 health points), PELACORR CONJURER (5 health points), AVES STURGIS (3 health points), KHARAFAX HELMET (4 health points), GARGOYA DEVIL (3 health points), and VENARI CRYSTALSMITH (5 health points).

Round 1.png

And with the presence of URIEL THE PURIFIER, who has 11 health points, all of my monsters' health points have increased. Attacks began to come from the center of the battle formation. The snipe monsters began attacking each other. And with the KHARAFAX HELMET's abilities, including VOID, SCAVENGER, and BLOODLUST. As a result, this monster takes on the role of attacker.

Round 4.png

So what about the front of my battle formation? It turns out that, thanks to healing, IMPERIAL KNIGHT was able to withstand URIEL THE PURIFIER's attack. So, despite a massive attack, the IMPERIAL KNIGHT was unable to be removed.

Round 6.png

Finally, the KHARAFAX HELMET and IMPERIAL KNIGHT proved to be the most effective monsters in this battle. Click the link below to see their performance in full combat.

Round 8.png

You can view the results of the entire battle by clicking the link below.


Short Dragon.png

So here's the outcome of my battle with the EQUALIZER rule in this post. Combining the EQUALIZER rule with other rules may result in different results. As a result, continue to refine your fighting strategy in Splinterlands.

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