Graphing an Ellipsoid in 3D

In this video I graph the Ellipsoid quadric surface, whose vertical and horizontal traces are all ellipses. This means that if you cut through the ellipsoid from any angle, the 2D trace will always be an ellipse. I graph the Ellipsoid both manually as well as using the GeoGebra 3D graphing calculator:

Time stamps:

  • Example 3: Ellipsoid: 0:00
  • Solution:
    • Horizontal traces are ellipses: 0:16
    • Right side needs to be positive: 2:24
    • Rewriting equation to show its an Ellipse: 3:41
    • Vertical traces are ellipses: 5:28
    • Drawing the Ellipsoid with traces: 6:55
    • Graphing in GeoGebra: 10:18
    • Symmetry due to even powers: 11:31

Full video below:

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