Fitness Fridays: From 5 to 35 push-ups a day: how I did it

I am here for another #fitnessfriday by the Freecompliments community.

A week is over, so I am again up for a great initiative to stay fit and healthy.

Let me begin by expressing my thanks for the prize I received. On top of getting fit, this is also a great motivation to keep going.

Although this second week of Fitness Fridays was tough, let me tell you how I handled this.

I will tell you how I increased the number of push-ups I did per day from 5 to 35.

I started with a shallow level but made significant progress by training consistently and following some tips.

My method:

The first step was to create a good training schedule.

I divided the sets of 5 push-ups throughout the day.

If I noticed that I found it challenging to do the exercise correctly, I dropped the number of push-ups in that set and tried again later in the day.

In addition, I focused on proper execution.

I watched the online video again, and my two sons acted as personal trainers.

Now, they were allowed to command their mom instead of me chasing after them.

Source: Calisthenicmovement

## Tips:

Here are some tips that have helped me increase my push-up count:

  • Start with a low level and build up gradually.
  • Focus on proper execution.
  • Be patient and consistent with your training.
  • Try different variations of the push-up.

Since the regular push-up was too heavy for me, I chose to perform it on my knees.

**As explained in this video: **

Source: LeapFitnessOfficial

If an exercise is too strenuous, you should constantly adjust it to what your body can endure.

As also described in the description of this challenge.

Always listen to your body, and don't go over limits.

An exercise should not hurt or cause lasting pain.


Of course, after a week of doing these exercises, you can't see visible results yet, but I do notice that the muscles in my upper body are slowly strengthening. (Chest, arms, and shoulders)

## Conclusion:

Regular push-ups are still too challenging for me, but I can do this consistently in two months.

Some tips for a little more challenge:

Try harder push-ups or diamond push-ups.
You can also do push-ups with your weights on your back.

Today, I begin my 3rd and new Fitness Friday challenge, climbing stairs.

That will be easy because I climb stairs daily at home and work.

But let me not sound too overconfident.

Today's first flight of stairs is a fact.
How will the seven flights fare for me at the end of this challenge?

Wishing you all the best in life and much health. @meraki7578 šŸ’š

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