In Search of the Perfect Coffee

Hello everyone on Hive!

I recently went on a little coffee adventure at the supermarket, looking for something different from my usual Nescafe. I stumbled upon two intriguing options: "Good Day Coffee" from Indonesia and "Klassno" from Malaysia.

Both were delightful and packed with flavor, but the Indonesian coffee won me over with its rich taste and smooth texture.

Photo by me*

"Good Day Coffee" had a bold and aromatic flavor that really hit the spot. It had a special, almost fruity taste that made it more interesting.

On the other hand, "Klasno" was more on the mellow side, with a balanced flavor profile that was enjoyable in its own right.

Photo by me*

Overall, it was a fun experiment, and I'm glad I tried these new brands. It just goes to show that there's a whole world of coffee out there beyond the familiar names. Who knows, maybe my next coffee adventure will take me to another exciting destination!

What is your favorite coffee brand? Write in the comments below.

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